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This page is intended for serious students of the markets of whom would like to learn Gann’s methods and techniques.  To do this requires you to have the time and the desire to study and apply your studies.  You will also find anything related to Gann will part your money from your wallet too!

I value Gann’s techniques over any other method available, including those I detail in the main content of this site – people ask why I detail those other techniques if I believe so strongly in Gann, which is a fair question to ask, the reason is that most people will not bother to explore Gann due to time, effort and cost involved and those methods I detail elsewhere on this site are suitable for those traders who aren’t concerned with finding out exactness from the markets.

Who was W.D. Gann?

In my opinion, Gann was the original & greatest trader that has ever lived – since his death in the 1950’s many have tried to replicate his work – few have succeeded.

W.D. Gann was born 6th June 1878 and died 14th June 1955 – in his 77 years on this earth, Gann discovered some truly unique discoveries of the financial markets and to this day thousands seek the truth from his methods.

Refer to the links for details on Gann to learn about his life and biography.

Gann was also master Astrologer and Freemason of high merit as well as a respected businessman.  Many people put his techniques and methods down to Astrology, although there might be an aspect (no pun intended) to this (reading his rare writings confirms this fact), his book Tunnel thru the Air also more or less directs the reader down the Astrological route.

On 8th August 1908 Gann mentions that he “made the one of the greatest mathematical discoveries for predicting the trend of stocks and commodities.”  In the months that followed he traded accounts in the $100’s into many $1,000’s!

Why do I mention him?

Do a web search for “W.D. Gann Wheat 1909 trade or his interview with the Ticker in Dec 1909”.  From there read the Ticker interview a couple of times and at the end of reading it consider how he did it.  Gann was light years ahead of today’s traders (not all) but I would say that even in 500 years time traders will still be searching for his true methods!  Gann was that advanced for his time it is truly outstanding.

You will find reference to “The Law of Vibration” – This is a direct quote from the interview Vibration is fundamental, nothing is exempt from this law; it is universal….” and more “Stocks, like atoms, are really centres of energies.  Therefore, they are controlled mathematically…There is no chance in nature because mathematical principles of the highest order lie at the foundation of all things”

“The working out of this law determines the cause and predicts the effect long before the street is aware of either” – In other words markets are 100% predictable and future prices are SET in time and price in advance of price or time getting there!

Gann referenced the Wireless/Radio in terms of the Law of Vibration = SOUND

The frequency that enters a radio is harmonically split into harmonious sounds which are caused by the radio waves being converted into sound by VIBRATION – It’s obviously much more scientific and complicated that my basic explanation!

Therefore it is not outside the reams of possibility that W.D. Gann used something within the universe/market that vibrated or caused vibration and that vibration when translated onto a 2 dimension flat surface such as a chart, causes moves in the financial markets.

On one of Gann’s charts there is a glyph of Mars and Jupiter with their positions drawn in relation to prices  – In some of his other letters and works he also makes reference to planetary positions and Gann DEFINITELY used Astrology.

Kelper wrote about “The Harmony of the Spheres” (Planets) – Centuries AGOOOOOO too

Gann said “Take the range of the low to the high and apply 8ths to the range” – based on there only being 8 tones between octaves – Gann was telling you to look for musical harmony of notes/tones within the low to high price range!

All you have to do is work out how to!

If you research Gann you will find out that his personal success was 85%+ (This was confirmed by independent accountants), he’d devised a scientific and mathematical formula for trading the markets and was rarely incorrect with his calls!

The thing is Gann did not fully disclose his methods in either his courses and definitely not in his books, he alluded to things and mentioned certain topics but he left it to the reader to study further to find out the answers.  His course’s do disclose a lot of additional detail but again there’s no specific road map of exactness!

It seems Gann had a normal traditional set of courses for the general public and a more detailed set for his personal students that contained much more detail!  The trouble is Gann got his personal students to sign a confidentiality agreement and it seems that very very little has ventured into the public domain since that time – Someone, Somewhere must have been passed down his detailed course material that explains everything – but what we have been left with is tit bits of information with no exact explanation as to how to reform it all.

To this day no-one has managed to crack the formula or method Gann used for his amazing Wheat 120 call – this is really what all Gann students want, if to what price and what date a market will move to with certainty

The Gann Quest:

If you are serious about trading, you will research, try out, test theories and trading strategies.  You will win, lose and after a period of time, whenever that may be (for me it took 2 years) you will realise that no-one and I mean no-one on the traditional trading/investing circuit can tell you with any certainty (backed up by LOGIC & SOUND REASON) when a market will turn and by how much.

This has to be the simplest question any new or old trader/investor wants answering – WHEN a market is expected to turn and BY HOW MUCH it is likely to move – yet it is impossible to answer with exactness and certainty.  I have shown on this site that I personally use Fibonacci levels and project them forward, even though I do this I have no idea which level is most likely to be hit (unless I have a lucky guess).  If we have an accurate Elliott Wave count then we can become pretty specific but this is not always certain and I’ve experienced Elliott Wave analysis failing more often than I’d like to see it fail for a theory to trade with! IMO EWT is hit and miss at best

In fact Gann & Elliott were on the same hymn sheet, EWT says 5 waves and 3 correction waves – Gann says that markets move in 3-4 sections with natural reactions within and after – Although EWT is more dynamic and specific in labelling waves and corrections, Gann knew that markets moved that way, but did not label swings/waves (probably as he knew at what price and time period price would actually go too!  If you know that detail you don’t need to count waves!)

So I’m afraid if you truly are serious about trying to unlock the mysteries of the markets then you will end up at the door of W.D. Gann – of which there are many, many doors for you to peek through with little or no return for your efforts!

What NEXT?

So you’ve exhausted all other possible trading/investing routes, you know that if you are to find out if the markets can be accurately forecasted and predicted in advance then you’ll have to explore Gann’s work. To start with (please make sure they are written by Gann and NOT a 3rd party author) – make sure you read all Gann’s books and courses.

As I’ve previously said you will not find his exact methods from the books ( but you will pick up much-needed detail on Gann), for a more in-depth look into his work you are going to need his Master Courses, now it depends upon where you buy these from as to how much they cost but you will certainly require the Commodity and Stock courses – with these you should receive overlays and oversized charts just as Gann sent out to his subscribers in the 1930’s.

Gann’s Square of Nine:


Gann also used a square of 12 and a square of 52 too!

Remember the markets are all mathematics – they don’t follow the same mathematical format but they are very very similar.

Gann’s Square of Nine above – answer this:

  1. What shape do you see?
  2. Notice the angles
  3. Take AWAY the numbers just leaving 1 where it is – now pick 1 with your fingers and pull it upwards towards you – what natural wonder of the world have you just formed?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. You’ll need a calculator for this – the number sequences are Square Roots – take 114 sq rt = 10.677 ADD 2 = 12.677 then RE-square 12.677 = 160.70, round up = 161!!!!!!!
  5. You apply the 45 degree splitting of the Pyramid to the seasons of the year to work out DATES
  6. To get the 45 degree angle splits you simple add (or subtract) 0.25 increments so that a full circle of 360 degrees = adding 2 to the square root figure.
  7. Gann used to work out 0 to be the 1st day of Spring = 20/21 March
  8. Place a circle around the outside of the square, place a Triangle inside the square and you have Gann’s Emblem!
  9. Take the circle [360], divide it by 12 = 30 degree segments or divide it by 24 = 15 degree segments

All you have to do is get Gann’s materials and apply over and over what he tells you to do -TESTING all the time with mathematics – as Gann says Mathematics do not lie 2+2 = 4

Look at the Square of 9 above – 10 minutes testing the number relationships show you for a FACT that they are Square roots and incremented by 0.25 (0.25/0.50/0.75/1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 etc etc) Within that sequence you’ve also got the major Square roots of the SQUARE/CUBE etc.If you then SPLIT the perimeter of the Square of 9 into 360 degree increments you can then obtain further accurate readings – i.e. #320 if you used that as price level 320 you have to use the price of 320 regardless of the fact that the actual price might have been 320.77 – by using 360 degrees you’d be able to pin point exactly the price which then allows you to forecast using the exact price and degs rather than the whole number 320 – I’ll let you work out what the angle is for yourself on the Square of 9 above it’s obviously some angle between 90 degs and 135 degs

Subscribe to my blog as in the future I plan on sharing [a lot] of what I’ve discovered about Gann  – I’m sure there’s others that charge for the privilege – whether what I reveal has already been written about I have no idea as I have only ever bought one Gann course and the material in that series of courses does not cover what I plan to disclose – I can’t seeing what I have found as anything new as 1000’s must have researched Gann before I had even heard about trading/Investing

Those disclosures are likely to be revealed in blog posts and NOT to this page – so those people that do me the honour wanting to read my posts throughout the year will be the ones I reward rather than a casual reader of the site looking for content to help make them richer.

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