Market Myths

The facts speak for themselves.  These facts are provided courtesy of Elliott Wave International in the form of e-book’s produced from evidence gathered over many years.  These E-Books have been produced free of charge, to access you have to sign up to Club EWI (which is free) – by doing so you’ll then be able to search for the relevant free reports and download yourself to read & keep:

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Want to understand a driving factor of the markets?

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Elliott Wave International produce many great reports that give it to you straight, I’ve found that over the years this one organisation has helped me to understand the goings on in the market place better than anyone else, which Is why I am happy to promote them.

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I highly recommend these books for advancing your knowledge and learning, they are advanced learning and would only recommend them to the serious trader or investor that wishes to understand more about how the markets work and advance your trading career.

I’d like to place a disclaimer here, It may seem that I’m biased towards Elliott Wave International, I just find that their reports, analysis and conclusions are logical, well thought out, argued and above all derived from facts and delivered in a very readable manner – which I personally prefer.

Dave Landry in his great book “The Laymans Guide to Trading Stocks” also details and highlights common myths in the book – Click the image to buy


Another Key video from Dr. Van Tharp this one’s on Trader mistakes – by the way my style of trading is that of Rule based Discretionary trader.

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