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If you’ve read my site you’ll know that I’m a no nonsense sort of trader – I reckon you could easily spend [waste] 5 years of your life looking at methods, trading set-ups and so called “advanced” methods, only to come full circle and REALISE that those things boil down to a few simple concepts.

Shhhh – (Breakouts / Pullbacks & Trends) – Of course we can, should we wish complicate the whole thing, but I prefer to keep things as simple as possible, to minimise confusion.

Look at this chart below – Well the trade shown was bought on a PULLBACK, it was confirmed on a BREAKOUT and it then turned (as expected) into a TREND – the KEY was that entry was made right near the lows using a methodical and logical trade entry & management method – fully disclosed in the course along with other potential methods

Trading like this just does not get much better – If I do say so myself!


This method get’s you into a move as close to the bottom as possible, it is 100% rule based – there’s no If’s or But’s – the market either sets-up 100% as required or the trade potential is ditched and we move onto another trade potential – and the aim is to run the trend as far as possible.

Now – in the chart above the market moved perfectly!, It doesn’t always do that, so sometimes this method makes 1R, then 2R, then maybe a 1R loss, then a 3R profit, then a 6R profit etc – the order CANNOT be guaranteed or predicted either, neither can the size of the R value as that R value depends upon something that a lot of traders don’t even think about – again I reveal this in full in the course as well as ALL my other courses.

REMEMBER: Markets don’t always move as they have in the chart above – 1 thing that I can absolutely GUARANTEE you, you will have LOSING trades – they CANNOT be avoided – EVER.

I’m spending this year publishing the main methods that I use and that actually WORK! – the basic ones first – I’ve even published a FREE trend trading method on the THT MARKET BASICS page that people can use to profit from.

This method will be available for purchase shortly



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