THT Trading Set-ups/Methods

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I only sell methods that WORK and work well – Nothing in trading is guaranteed, but there’s some methods that work a lot better and more effective than others.

The aim in this game is make money – I show you how in my courses

Courses and Trading Set-ups/Methods available:

  • THT Market Basis – A realistic in-depth look at what actually works in the markets and what the markets do AND helps you to understand the markets – this course is


  • THT Trampoline – Like it says, imagine being on a trampoline and catching the bounce from the Lows through the trend and come off near the highs as the trend fizzles out – this set-up ALSO features THT Hop, Skip & Jump or Triple Jump for short! – this method typically returns 4R
  • THT Precision – This is ground breaking material from my research and discoveries of watching the markets for years – Improve your accuracy with this method to 90%+ and get within points of the termination point of the market you choose to trade – This method makes good profits and is for the trader who loves being precise and right
  • THT Sacred Geometry – Again as the title says – Sacred Geometry points are in the market, this set-up identifies them, allows you to forecast their end points and trade them throughout and after – I got this from researching Gann.

People are bound to question the cost of such methods and why do I charge- and you SHOULD – Well my simple answer is tell me why I should give them to you for free when it’s cost me thousands in losing trades, thousands of hours researching, testing and developing methods that actually work to then give them away for free for others to financially benefit from (probably significantly)? There’s no logical reason so I charge a fair price for my knowledge

Trading methods that ACTUALLY work

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