Got any plans for 2026?

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This is one I’d right click on and copy or get your snipping tool out and copy the page.

My recommended W.D. Gann course contains all the detailed information – all I’m doing here is REPEATING what I’ve learnt – please note I’m still learning too!  You never stop learning in this business.

The chart is for the S&P500 market, as usual all details on the chart and I’ve also publicly posted this on the W.D. Gann/Medium Term Market Predictions page.


There is another major cycle that I’ve not disclosed, that indicates a key date in 2026.  when many cycles arrive in the same year and better still around the same time you have to take note – when these cycles arrive at different times it gives you the heads up for potential double/triple tops/bottoms.

I have little doubt that in March 2026 a recession will be called, you know the score with traditional economics, it won’t actually be classified as a recession until June 2026 onwards – we’ll see.

How accurate is this cycle?  Highly accurate for over 100 years!

If this post becomes obsolete then I’ll produce an update – make sure over time you check the Time Cycles folder of blog posts for any potential updates

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