Gann Series Introduction- Feb 2017

I’m starting my series of W.D. Gann related posts from the beginning – There is still a huge veil of unknowing that still surrounds Gann to this day – some believe his claims of making $50,000,000 others don’t – What we do know is that Gann made some calls on Wheat and stocks that happened, How he managed to do exactly that we are ALL still searching for – Gann knew in advance what price and when a stock should turn/move to etc – Gann apportioned this to having worked out that markets/stocks VIBRATE according to Natural Law.  We will look at part of this in this post – future posts will develop the theory

In this Gann Series I will NOT be going into massive detail about this or that – you’ll either be interested or not – what I will do is show you you things, If you’re Interested you’ll then have the ability to research, expand knowledge and test for yourself on your own and in your own time – If I did everything for you, It would take up a huge amount of my time that I just don’t have available.

First the DISCLAIMER – I’ve personally avoided being drawn into the trading community, I’ve not subscribed to trading magazines, services, Internet groups or the like and still don’t – as I prefer to discover things for myself –  and I’ve not bought any of the courses on Gann from 3rd parties, apart from Gann’s own courses and Bradley F Cowans courses – I  bought the lot in one foul swoop from Mr. Cowan and have been exploring the markets scientifically ever since.  So I have no way or inclination of knowing that what I write about going forward in this and future Gann posts, has already been written about or not (I’ve come to trading late in the 2000’s, the discoveries I’ve made must have been discovered and written about prior to now, I would find it hard to believe that thousands of people who have looked at Gann have not found and explored what I’m going to talk about, especially since the Internet became mass used in the mid 90’s onwards  – The entire content of this series will be my own work, thoughts and interpretation of Gann’s works  – If I’ve used a source, it will be referred to as their work not mine.

I don’t think you need Gann’s courses either, but they are handy to own so that you can refer to etc – you won’t get too much out of them – REMEMBER I’m willing to bet tens of thousands of people since the 1950’s have owned and read his courses and that 95% of them are still none the wiser as to using his methods as 99% of the courses are generic – Gann’s course of Instructions on Gann Geometrical angles, can’t be employed successfully in today’s markets on there own – same with his course on time cycles (hit and miss at best) – you might be aware, but Gann sold a simple course and he also sold sold a much higher priced course that was much greater detailed (we’ll see evidence of this in future posts in this series)

First you NEED to learn and understand things that Gann Said in his material – we also need to make some assumptions too (this is the subjective part!(Where it can all go wrong!))  The reason we need to understand what Gann said is because he DID NOT reveal exactly his methods or calculations – he hid the true meaning in veiled words and sentences, so it’s important to start off thinking about where Gann came from and then work outwards to his methods from there, so that is what we shall do – Please note, this is NOT a detailed or in-depth analysis (I’ve no intention of writing a book on the subject so I don’t have to and won’t be 100% thorough – but you’ll have a enough to start thinking properly)

  1. Gann WAS a Freemason – You start to learn the secrets of the Egyptians AND Geometry in this cult (Yes it is a cult/sect)
  2. Do NOT dismiss this – it is more relevant than you know!
  3. For Example – The Great Fire of London happened early September 1666 – on the 11th September Sir Christopher Wren (Freemason) submitted plans to the King of England for the rebuilding of the part of the city that had been destroyed by the raging fire – These plans were based on the geometrical structure “Sephirothic Tree ” THEN just 2 days later on the 13th September 1666 John Evelyn (Freemason) presented virtually the same design to the King (1)
  4. The King rejected both designs – just stop and think for 1 minute, would it be possible for an Architect to draft and produce city plans in a handful of days???? Not a chance


So these plans were rejected by the King of England, BUT over 100 years later the plans WERE implemented into a City – the newly found capital of the USA (Washington DC) – These plans were virtually identical to those produced by Wren for London!!!!!

You can bet your bottom dollar that within Washington DC street plan reference either written or visually represented by statues etc to those sacred aspects and terms on the Sephirothic Tree above


  • This is well worth researching as you will find reference to this type of thing in Gann’s recommended reading
  • Gann’s Square of Nine is clearly a Pyramid – 2 Dimension looking from above it – Freemasonry Is heavily associated with The Egyptians – All you have to do is find Egyptian Obelisk’s that stand proudly in plain sight in London, Paris and Washington and find out where they were taken from – so it is 100% clear Ancient Egypt and Freemasonry are inter-connected.    As Gann was a master mason and his methods were very esoteric we subjectively connect the 2
  • Freemasonry was all about GEOMETRY & Numbers especially number relevance – it’s why certain ceremonies take place on certain dates and times.
  • Freemasonry is full of secrets – probably why Gann hid clues n his works rather than come out directly tell you
  • Gann WAS also an Astrologist – we have proof of this
  • What we don’t have proof of is that Gann used Astrology as we know & understand it i.e. Newspaper Astrology etc to trade from/with
  •  The quotes below should point you in the direction looked at things – we can prove this as they are taken directly from his marketing material he produced to sell his courses and books – straight from the horses mouth!
  • Having read Gann’s course and books it is obvious that Gann did NOT fully reveal his true methods – His Coffee Santos letter to a private student is probably one of a few letters that give you a clue to what he did and yet when you try to replicate this it is very very hard to know the markets EXACT moves! – Also Gann either intentially or not put errors in his work – this was either a genuine typo or an error to force the student to rework the figures to learn.
  • I will be publishing a special blog post referring to “Tunnel Thru the Air” at some point in the future
  • Now lets look at some key Gann quotes – all Gann quotes in “” – from his marketing material:
  • “Stocks are like Electrons, Atoms and molecules, which hold persistently to their own individuality in response to the fundamental Law of Vibration.  Science teaches that an original impulse of any kind finally resolves itself into periodic or rhythmical motion” “Stocks like atoms are really centres of energies, therefore they are controlled mathematically.  Stocks create their own field of action and power, power to attract and repel”- I am working on this very thing right now – attract/repel is magnetic [see below] and THIS is very very important from my initial findings
  • “Faraday said There is nothing in the universe but mathematical points of force – My memory tells me this was MAGNETIC points of force, so Gann could have either got this wrong or replaced mathematics for magnetic in an attempt to divert you to look at magnetic properties etc or I might be wrong but I thought Faraday worked on magnetics not maths – It’s late and I can’t be bothered to look to reference it as it’s not that important – point is on Earth magnetism exits so do mathematics could be either or both
  • Law of Vibration “I soon began to note the periodical recurrence of the rise and fall in stocks and commodities.  This led me to conclude that natural law was the basis of market movements” “The Law of Vibration is the fundamental law upon which wireless telegraphy, wireless telephones and  phonographs are based “”There exists a periodic or  cyclic law which is at the back of all these movements” “The Law which I have applied will not only give these long cycles or swings, but the daily and hourly movements of stocks.  By knowing the exact vibration of each individual stock I am able to determine at what point each will receive support and at what point the greatest resistance is to be met” “I have found that in the stock itself exists its harmonic or inharmonic relationship to the driving power behind it.  the secret of all its activity is therefore apparent” “I have also found that certain phases of this law govern the rise in a stock and an entirely different rule operates on the decline” – It’s a best guess that this refers to the sympathetic resonance that exists in music and sound – this can be used as the planets cycle in cycles that harmonically resonate with each other (Gann’s Time Cycles are also Planetary cycles i.e. the 30 year cycle is Saturn – this is mentioned in one of his courses directly – whether intentionally or unintentionally / which then allows you to explore all the other planets).  The last quote could also reference Gann’s Soybean chart with Jupiter and Mars Interacting – as can be seen from his [Gann’s] Soybean chart, with Mar’s position plotted in PRICE as well as Jupiter’s and when the two meet price faced big resistance – The Time cycles that I present on this site are based on Sympathetic Resonance (This is WHY static Time Cycles don’t work that well, as at times the source cycle could be in a fast or slow speed depending upon where it is at in its cycle)
  • Astrology & Scientific methods – “Time proves ALL things, even when stocks make tops and bottoms….because we know by MATHEMATICAL SCIENCE when time cycles repeat. These valuable rules are all in the Bible if you know where to find them” – This clue is obviously directly related to ASTRONOMY as you can PROVE the EXACT location of the planets based on pure mathematical science (Astrology is NOT a mathematical science, but Astronomy IS)
  • In Gann’s reading list there is a book called – Teritum Orgamum – this book is about the 3rd and 4th Dimensions –  Gann’s Master chart lesson says “Market movements are made just the same as any other thing which is constructed.  It is just the same as constructing a building.  First the foundation has to be laid then the four sides have to be completed and last, but not least of all, the top has to be put on.  The cube or hexagon proves exactly the law which works because of time and space in the market.  When a building is put up it is built according to a square or hexagon,  It has four walls or four sides, a bottom and a top: therefore, it is a cubeThe cube is a 3 Dimensional object that looks like a hexagon when it is viewed on a 2 Dimensional page/chart – Gann produced a hexagon chart!  Gann’s references to the 4th Dimension happened in the latter part of his life in the 1950’s – so he was not using this when he made his 1909 wheat 120 trade prediction – Gann also produced a Master Calculator that overlaid a chart which lots of geometrical lines, he produced this to see the other dimensions hidden within the 2 D chart
  • “The Master calculator locates the Corner stone, the key stone and the cap stone for price and time trend.  It proves the master number and master time factor and shows how and why they work on price” “The Master calculator proves 9 divisions of time from one centre or time factor and shows at a glance whether price of stocks or commodities are in the weak or strong position” – The stones Gann refers to are Egyptian and can be found in pyramids – Masons also refer to them and have them in buildings they build with ceremonies at the laying of the corner stone as previously mentioned in the first part of this blog post and why I linked in to Egyptians!!!!!!!  This is another area I am working on as I think this is the key.  Gann only mentions this once or twice in his entire works but I think it’s absolutely crucial – I’ll link this in to Gann’s Square of Nine in future posts.
  • There is so much rubbish and speculation out there as to Gann’s methods and YET – NO-ONE has come close to replicating Gann’s success.  I am under the belief that out there somewhere there is a series of letters from Gann to a personal private student to whom he’s divulged his exact method, we’ve yet to find or see such a letter as Gann made his student sign a confidentiality clause or such copies may simply not exist!  I’m also of the opinion that Gann might never of revealed his exact methods – there is absolutely nothing in his courses that back up his Wheat 120 call – the methods he reveals don’t allow you to make such calls and hundred’s of traders have since tried to look for such a method WITHOUT success

I’ve shown you that Freemasonry is not as clear cut as you might think – this has been proven in Wren trying to model London on the S Tree! and when he failed the newly found USA incorporated it – going waaaaay off piste – did you know that America is actually referred to in Scottish text (Freemasonry of course!) DECADES before it was “officially” discovered by Europeans!

I’ll stop here as I could just keep on going as there’s too much material around.

Apologies for any typo’s, grammatical errors etc – this document has not been proof read and I don’t intend to do so.

(1) Source – “The Master Game” by Hancock & Bauval ISBN 978-1-934708-64-4