ANOTHER THT Wedger trade on the Dow!

I didn’t plan on posting so much this month – I was looking forward to a few weeks break, but this set-up just keeps on showing up- especially on the Dow (its also on the S&P500 too this time).


This will be the last THT Wedger set-up post

Thanks for your support and reading of the posts/site – Have a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Complete THT Wedger Trade

All out now – Even though the DTosc is signalling further potential HIGHS! on the Dow and S&P500 – BEWARE Nasdaq100 is NOT confirming the bullishness.

Anyway, THT Wedger trade, details on the chart:


How come sooooooo much £ and % profit? Because of the very small narrow risk per trade

4 of these trades per year and you’d smash professional traders and fund managers around the world and be in the top 1% of traders globally.

This will be the last time I ever write or comment about the THT Wedger trade for FREE

Update on the Wedger trade

Speaks for it’s self – what a great trade – up 10 times risk on trade 2 –

Trade 1 = still got 50% in


Right let’s be frank – be very very careful from now on the Dow should roll over now – a classic sign is when a bar closes on (or very very close) to it’s high = short term top (usually)

Couple this with the Time Cycle and you have a recipe for a major top to be very close at hand if not already in

Another Wedger on the DOW!

The Dow is rocketing (Warning on the Time Cycles though)

The Dow’s just lit up another Wedger of the other day


See you don’t need fancy Timing and Price analysis – sometimes just a plain old pattern can make you some money

Wedger Example – DOW

Here’s another Wedger example – this time in the Dow last week

Good return so far – barring a gap down over stop


FTSE100 Triangle/Wedge forming

Triangles (Wedges) are a combination of indecision and uncertainty – Even better when the wedge forms as part of a sequence of consecutive Inside days


Nothing in Trading is 100% – what typically happens is when the high or the low of the last bar in the wedge is broken then that’s the direction its heading in – you can place stops either under the low or above the high of the last bar in the sequence (see chart for target values) or at the 50% point of the last bar as more often than not price just breaks cleanly away without retracing – this makes the targets on the chart twice as profitable!

Please note: due to limitations of my software Ex Ret 2 = 1 times risk, Ex Ret 3 = 2 times amount risked etc (which is the last bar on the chart)

Trade at your own risk – no responsibility accepted


How to Invest Properly – the ONLY way

The vast majority of people Invest incorrectly – they only get away with it because the markets NATURAL movement is continual GROWTH.

This makes poor Investors think that they are good, it makes brokers look like they know what they’re doing and how the markets work – through in a decent bear market or decent market correction and they are quickly exposed as their funds/clients funds start reducing in value.

There is a right way to Invest though and it goes against EVERY piece of Investment advice out there – If you can TIME the market you will beat the masses big time

funds won’t tell you as they’re not allowed to do this, brokers won’t tell because they don’t know and that all leaves you to the moves of the markets.

Look at these charts that follow and tell me it’s not common sense or best to get in at the KEY turning points – ALL the key turns that follow were the RESULT of a key Time Cycle(s) – I have seen this too many times for it to be coincidental, too many times




To ENHANCE returns you can now buy 2 x ETF’s of an Index!

The NEXT cycle is UP – the general market action after 17 years WILL be very similar to that of 1982-2000 – not exactly but similar in form and it will rise on average at a faster rate than 2000-2017 rates.

The time to BE a buy and hold investor is fast approaching – compound up 50% growth annually over 17 years and you’ll see the power of buying and holding during the RIGHT and CORRECT market conditions

Good Luck

Time Cycles – Long Term Projections/Predictions

Right we’ve kicked into touch any theory that the markets are random, the previous Time Cycles just happen too often with precision to be coincidence – Now when you know what is used to calculate these cycles ALL doubt is removed, all makes sense. We’ve covered the major turning points of the past, what about the future? Well here we go, here’s the future for you: Look at the dates AFTER Dec 2016 (Blue Line)

2017-2034 cycle dates

Remember if markets are falling into a Time Cycle the expected result is a bounce upwards out of it and vice versa if a market is rising into it – this does not always occur, but it does NOT mean the Time Cycles are invalid, it just means something else happened – the TC still worked just not as we thought. Take 1929 in the Dow – the TC still worked but rather than it being a high it turned into a low – the TC was due to top in 1933! perfectly fine when you understand the cause. I’ll no doubt comment more on specific dates are time draws us closer, in the meantime, now lets move down to the short-medium term cycles that are in play in the markets and see what can be done with those!!!!!!!!! This IS where you make the big money

I’ve left the previous cycle dates on for your reference (these were previous shown in an earlier blog post!)

The only thing now left to do is watch, wait and see what actually happens – It is absolutely critical that you see how the bigger cycles form and play their part in moving the markets, if you don’t you need to revisit it all until it makes BECAUSE, if you don’t understand the big easy cycles its unlikely you’ll understand the smaller cycles – these smaller cycles can be used to trade off and beat the market – massively!

Right now on to the smaller cycles that we can trade………coming soon

Here’s the next Time Cycle addition

Taking this really slowly as you HAVE to understand each Cycle and step – there’s lots and lots of factors involved in all the cycles and it took me a long time (3 years) to get grips with them and I’m still far from being an expert.

You do know where this is going don’t you? – I’m eventually going to drill down to the lower Time Cycles and reveal the dates of those to you!  That’s a month or so away though, depending upon time.

Right chart below looks exactly as previous post? – Nope I’ve added the PINK Time Cycle line to this graph – LOOK

Time cycles2

so what?

Well the WHAT is that this is a senior Time Cycle, in the context of this chart and example it has coincided with 3 major stock market turning points – it’s heading into another key time!!!!!!

So whats so fancy about this and all the other cycles?

Well BOTH the BLUE and PINK Time Cycles have been projected from 12/12/1914 – 100 years ago and still working strongly!


Essential material

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Because approx 80% of the crap out there does not work! and you buy it!  I am very fortunate that I’ve never been sucked into the scams out there.

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