How long will it take?

That’s entirely down to your capacity to learn – Trading and investing is not something you can just pick up off the shelf and start using – the media would like you to think it can be that easy, but it’s not.

Some people will pick this up in a month others quicker and others slower – the main thing is that a concept or set of concepts are learnt, referred to and used – regardless of time.

The desired outcome is success and consistent success, if it takes you 10 years to learn that then it takes 10 years – there is no short-cut to success I’m afraid – it all involves hard work, time and effort – of which you are solely responsible for.

The hardest learning point you are likely to hit is simply accepting that you need a set of rules to be successful!  Most people (and remember 90% of those that try fail!) do not think it is necessary to trade with rules and concepts – they just think you buy and then sell – if only it were that simple.

I have given you the basics to what I deem essential and required to become succesful in the markets consistently.  Anyone can make a lucky guess every now and then, but to do it over and over and over again requires skill.  Skills have to be learnt I’m afraid and learning something takes time.

Please do not expect to pick up this material and suddenly start applying it and making money from – I would say it’ll take you at least a full 12 months to start to master the markets and that’s only if you take notes and learn along the way from a mentor, If you do it yourself then I’d say 3-4 years of full-time learning and in that time I’d expect most people to have gone bust a couple of times.  These are just guidelines and numerous factors exist that could through you off track.

I could explain to you in 15 minutes max how the markets work and how to make consistent money from them, but because its so straightforward and simple you’d probably spend the next 12 months exploring other “methods” trying to find out how the markets really work – only to end up back at the point I’d shown (keep an eye out for a video on How to read the markets)

The problem we have with the markets is that by sheer luck you could just invest and make a profit right away – because this is possible to do without a plan, it then makes people question the need for a plan!  If you do not have a plan of action and end up losing money you can only blame the lack of a plan for that outcome and there’s only one person for you to blame – yourself!

I am that confident that 98% of people reading this blog will miss the point and message that is within this sentence I am willing to give you for free the secret of successful trading and investing – “It’s making sure your losses are less than your winners and it’s about making sure you focus on how much money is at risk, rather than how much you can gain from a position. At some point in your trading life you will come to realise that no-one can tell you exactly what’s going to happen in the market and that means you won’t know how much you’ll make either – hence why the only thing you can control is how much you risk!”

The above statement is exactly why 95% of would-be traders/investors fail – they don’t realise it’s all about the risk!

Trading and Investing is no different to anything else in life if you don’t put in the hours of study you can’t expect fantastic results.

Do you understand risk?

For starters here’s an introduction, If you “get” the concept here and combine this with a winning edge over time – you’ll crack the trading game.  85% of would be traders & Investors that commit money to the markets will not realise that this is the secret to successful trading and Investing (Those 85% of traders will still be searching for the trading system that offers certainty – which simply does not exist, If it did, it would of been found and used):

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