How to guess the market

Someone asked me the other week for my opinion on the markets – see chart below, the text on the chart came to fruition and worked perfectly.

Outlook for February?

Well just from the formation on the weekly chart [not shown] and it’s relative DTosc Indicator = BEARISH

and the daily chart is due for a bounce next week, but you need to be very wary of the daily DTosc when it next makes a bearish reversal as if the weekly chart is still bearish then the odds are very high for further falls

Again all this is based on how the charts “look” TODAY – my opinion could change in the coming weeks as more data is printed on the charts

A professional moves with the times not get stuck on the now, past of personal opinions – let the market tell you what it’s actually doing!

This site is made for people reading on a PC – phones will not display the charts clearly


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