Look back to 2017 and forward to 2018

2017 was a cracker of a year (No charts in this post)

The time Cycle that was expected in December 2016, came in bang on time for the FTSE100 Index and 1 month prior for the Nasdaq100 – this is absolutely exceptional for a big Time-Cycle.

Had you taken a 5 times leveraged FTSE100 ETF Tracker you’d of made 70-80% from Dec’16 to Jun’17

Had you Invested in the Santa Rally of 2017 you’d of made another 15% too

I’m not advocating using leveraged funds – but if you have a very high probability expectation of market direction due to conforming indicators then it’s a good use of strategy.

Just using a simple ETF tracker – you’d of beaten the market by trading not buying and holding!

The markets high now so there should be some sort of pullback in the next few weeks – to what degree/severity I don’t know – that’s one of the beauties of trading, I’m currently 100% in cash and safety so I’ll wait for the correction/pullback or sideways move and then get back in when the Weekly DTosc tells me it’s safe to do so.

So what’s in store for 2018???

I do not have a clue – I do know that I’ll be trading a few of the swing lows from the markets that I monitor (Natural Gas just triggered a trade on 29th December 2017 – so I expect to be taken into that 1st thing on the 1st trading day in the New Year)

The 8th year is said to be positive/bullish – If you look back 10 years and 20 years, you will note that 2008 was not bullish and 1998 was – the COMMON factor between them both and 1988 if you look back 30 years – IS big swings up and down in the markets

From the markets rapid advance since 2009 – I’d expect 1-2 fairly decent pullbacks throughout the year – but I’d be surprised if the Dec 2016 (Nov’16 USA markets) LOW was reached and breached

Best of luck for 2018 – Thank you for following my blog and posts, I look forward to posting a bit more in 2018 for you on Ideas, methods and the like