Latest Trade

Hi All,

Firstly can I just thank you all for subscribing to my blog.

I know I don’t post that often anymore – I don’t see the point in posting just for the sake of it, so when I post it’s because there’s relevance to the post.

I thought I’d show you a current live trade I have in place

This is actually my THT Springboard trade set-up/method (not available to purchase yet)

This is a UK Stock United Utilities – I bought in around the Green line, the trade is now neutral so barring a gap down the position will break-even


The message really is you can and it is perfectly feasible to buy the lows/bottoms successfully and profitably.

It’s Impossible to know just how high this will track, It could right now just reverse and I’d be left with a break-even trade, although typically I’d look to exit this position by at least 4 times the amount risked circa 8% of the value of my account at trade inception.

You then REPEAT the method on the next market that set-ups like this so that over the course of the year you might take 10 trades, have 6 winners @ 8%+ and 4 losers @ 2% each – leaving quite a decent % return for the year.