Advanced Warning – July 2017

Sorry I haven’t had time to do this very well in advance and there’s no charts – just text – It’s been eating away at me for months that I haven’t posted this early, but here’s a quick message:

There are a HOST of cycles hitting in July that you should be aware of – Gann said “Look BACK 60 hours, days, weeks, months, years, degrees to the last Top/Bottom – as well as other varying periods (30,45,90, 120 etc etc etc)

Gann wrote a book called with 45 years on Wall Street in it’s title and “Looking back”

  1. Well If you look back the 45 yr cycle from July 2017 you get 1973 – look what the market did in 1973
  2. Sub-divisions of the cycles land on KEY market turning points – such as 1914, 1973, 1987, 2002, 1899 and 1929!  Yes I did say 1899
  3. There are MORE KEY cycles that are harmonically coinciding in the month of July

It should be a time to be on guard as what is aligning does not happen often and looking back to the past when it DID – it caused many turbulent times in the market.

All the best – If I get chance later in the year I’ll review and display all the cycles on a chart from the 1960’s so that you can see

UPDATE: 24th July 2017

So far so good, bit of disruption on the USA/UK markets – but so far nothing major or significant – a pullback/correction is due this week, have to see the significance of that move

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