Timing – Slightly Advanced

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NOTHING works 100% in the markets – you need a system/method that works and just exploit it, as you’re ALWAYS going to have losing positions/trades.

Here’s a simple timing method I look at, at times (I don’t always use it!)

First let me give you some quick background points as to WHY I refer to it:

  1. Gann was always referring to squaring this and that
  2. Gann’s Square of 9 is basically a glorified Square Root system, built on a 2-Dimensional Square, which when converted to 3-Dimensions becomes a Pyramid structure
  3. If you draw a 360 CIRCLE around the 4 base corners of this structure you then can add in the DEGREES that Gann talks of.
  4. Using these DEGREES you can then locate the 45, 90, 120, 180 degrees of price etc etc

Related image

OKAY, back to the post –


In the chart ABOVE this is EXACTLY what I did:

  1. Found a high and a low – measured the Time and Price FACTS of this move
  2. Took the high Price (BLUE Lines) and square rooted that PRICE to see if TIME sync with this
  3. Took the low Price (GREEN Liines) and did the same
  4. Took the RANGE (RED Lines) and did the same
  5. Took the Time of the H-L and did the same
  6. Projected them from the High, Low – up to YOU

Now Increase the chart size to LOOK and see how they fitted.

They’re not going to be perfect fits because that’s just too easy – as you can see above sometimes it hits perfectly, sometimes it gets close and other times it just misses – you can’t get in did on 100% it’s impossible


  • Apply Pythagorean theory – to the range of the High to the Low
  • You’ll need to convert days to hours (8 hours session on the UK market)
  • So the Price range was 1529 * 1529 then ADD
  • the Time bars, that was 148*8 = 1184 * 1184
  • Now square root the result = side of the C value of the Pythagorean Triangle you’ve just created using both Time and Price (1933.82)
  • Now Square Root that value (43.97)
  • Apply 44 Trading days from the low of 2125
  • How close did it come?

Again it’s not perfect but can you see how we’ve applied mathematics to the markets and we’ve now got close to turning points – you can do the SAME for PRICE levels too

Try doing the same to PRICE and SEE just how many times price stopped on a multiple of the square root number of 44 from the low

UPDATE – Here’s the chart for visual



Advanced Warning – July 2017

Sorry I haven’t had time to do this very well in advance and there’s no charts – just text – It’s been eating away at me for months that I haven’t posted this early, but here’s a quick message:

There are a HOST of cycles hitting in July that you should be aware of – Gann said “Look BACK 60 hours, days, weeks, months, years, degrees to the last Top/Bottom – as well as other varying periods (30,45,90, 120 etc etc etc)

Gann wrote a book called with 45 years on Wall Street in it’s title and “Looking back”

  1. Well If you look back the 45 yr cycle from July 2017 you get 1973 – look what the market did in 1973
  2. Sub-divisions of the cycles land on KEY market turning points Рsuch as 1914, 1973, 1987, 2002, 1899 and 1929!  Yes I did say 1899
  3. There are MORE KEY cycles that are harmonically coinciding in the month of July

It should be a time to be on guard as what is aligning does not happen often and looking back to the past when it DID – it caused many turbulent times in the market.

All the best – If I get chance later in the year I’ll review and display all the cycles on a chart from the 1960’s so that you can see

UPDATE: 24th July 2017

So far so good, bit of disruption on the USA/UK markets – but so far nothing major or significant – a pullback/correction is due this week, have to see the significance of that move

Look Similar?

If you’ve followed my blog over the last few years – you KNOW that the Time Cycle we were all waiting for to arrive in Dec 2016 – actually came 1 month early in November 2016, you can’t be absolute exact of times I’m afraid.

Anyway – You also KNOW that the Time Cycle we were waiting for was an EXACT replica of the 1949 TC (I don’t have data for that period, so can’t show a chart) – what I do have is data for 1982 – the Low of 1982 was ALSO a direct descendant of the current TC.

the chart below shows the Market AFTER the TC arrived at the LOWS


S&P500 1982 LOW

NOW – LOOK at the chart below – the INITIAL reaction from the Nov 2016 LOW as been VERY VERY similar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nasdaq100 Nov 2016 LOW

Now Don’t EXPECT the market to move exactly as per 1982 – It won’t, the energy is different, but the overall shape when viewed back from years in the future WILL be fairly similar

In 1982 the market moved 70% in 45 Weeks – You can see that that move was more VERTICAL than the current move

It will be Interesting to see not only what the market moves by in 45 weeks from the low of Nov 2016 but what Price and % figure

Something for your homework bags.

PS – the one thing that I DID say for years before the event was that the Dec 2016 TC should be a LOW ideally and it was