Don’t do this too much

My style of blog is one that makes you think, do a bit of work for yourself – I don’t often give specifics out as people won’t and don’t appreciated them and others will likely just copy if you give too much critical info out for free.

Here’s a chart of the S&P500 from the weekend – I updated it on Monday.


The S&P500 is in a classic position – at present the odds are well and truly to the UPSIDE, but obviously not guaranteed.

Just for reference the WEEKLY DTosc should bearish OS at the end of this week which coupled with the Daily DTosc Bullish reversal that will be due soon – is the PERFECT position for the bullish outlook.

Obviously that outlook completely changes if the market fails to comply with that level of thinking and the low of C is taken out

Can you SEE just how EASY it is to trade from 2 Indicators! along with a very basic pattern seen often in the markets for

  1. I can predict the preferred likely outcome in advance – not guaranteed but most likely
  2. I then have targets to see if the trade makes financial sense taking
  3. I KNOW point C could be a deal breaker
  4. All in advance
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  1. cheshboy

     /  April 6, 2017

    This Brit in USA always enjoys your take on the markets. Get homesick for HOVIS though!

    • Can’t beat it, especially with real butter

      • cheshboy

         /  April 10, 2017

        Aye Lad, and some nice cheese and pickle. Closest I get is training wife to understand English habits, we watch Corrie on Canadian TV, and she knows if there is a crisis, you either go for a pint, or make a cup of tea!

      • Try explaining the game of cricket to her – I remember trying to do the same to American friends and they just didn’t get it or see the point.
        Don’t forget the sugar in the tea though, that’s essential in a crisis otherwise it’s just for pleasure.

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