S&P500 – REVIEW Friday 10th March 2017


I’m writing this analysis of the S&P500 Friday evening 10th March 2017 as a basic review of the S&P500 market.

Detail on the charts – Basic analysis based on previous SWINGS of the market



Based on basic time and price analysis what I’m saying is – we are at a juncture that is unclear, but that outlook might become much more clear as time passes.

Trying to guess every swing up and down of minor moves is a fools game in my opinion – REMEMBER both those charts are BULLISH – there is absolutely no information on those charts that suggest a bearish scenario! None what so ever.

WHAT I’m SHOWING you is that is IS POSSIBLE to gauge the markets most likely movement based on time, price and an indicator!

Only last WEEK I warned someone to be wary of a top forming – that has now HAPPENED

The KEY is to watch the Weekly high – If that gets taken out then everything swings back to the upside, if it’s not taken out and further lows are printed then we are in the situation of a possible sideways to down market for the next few weeks – we should find out next week who’s in power, the bulls or bears

UPDATE – Got it right so far


Close of play Friday – changed the DTosc!


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