Why you don’t need to know much

Why you don’t need to know much to make a decent return from the markets.

ALL you really need is a method that on average provides you with half decent returns.

This means that you don’t need to know everything about the markets -It is true that it might take you ages to work out what works and what doesn’t but when you sit back and look at what works and what doesn’t you are likely to say to yourself “If only I knew that when I first started out!”

All you do then is EXPLOIT that method(s) EVERY time it shows up ACROSS a number of different markets – THIS is the part that is hardest as it involves work and action, but its the only way to outsmart the industry and prosper.

Let’s assume you have 20 years (in time) to build funds, you have modest funds available – we KNOW that on average traditional fund Investing returns less than 10% per annum returns, so it’s only worth risking money to try to make more than 10%.

Many methods out there return a small % per trade, this MEANS that to make decent returns you have to repeat over many markets many times, but if you found a method that returned half decent % returns per trade then you don’t need to take as many trades/positions.

What ever your methods here are some compounded returns over 20 years assuming differing starting amounts and % annual returns:


  • 20% Annual return = £191,688
  • 25% Annual return = £433,681
  • 30% Annual return = £950,248


  • 20% Annual return = £383,376
  • 25% Annual return = £867,362
  • 30% Annual return = £1,900,496

As you can see the OBVIOUS thing you need to do is research and see IF there are any methods out there where you could possibly make those sorts of returns year on year rather than just being a buy and hold investor.

The REASON a Buy and Hold Investor makes on average <10% is because they SIT through down turns, when you do that it then takes more % gain to get back to the highs – so if a market drops 50% you then NEED the market to gain 100% from the bottom of the drop to get back to break even to the point it dropped from! and we all know the market does not move 100% in a few weeks it then takes time to recover and get back to break-even

So you can see that you don’t have to be constantly funding accounts, if you do it right and get it right from the start you can have mega returns over the years from very little upfront funding! That my friends IS the smart way to Invest/Trade.

I’m producing some courses this year that show you methods whereby you should be able to obtain the returns stated above, so keep an eye out for the promotional work coming through on those in the months ahead and I’ve created a set=-ups tab on the site too where access can be obtained.

Good luck and may the markets shine on you


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