Special Report – EURUSD

The EURUSD is in very dangerous territory – The probability of it reaching PARITY (1:1) with the US$ is very high.

Key is to watch price  – If it follows the DTosc then it is likely to reach 1 for 1


I don’t trade the forex markets anymore so for me this is just observational.

You’ve not got Gann’s Triple bottom formed – Price at the 4th Attempt is likely to go through- said Gann.

Every logical trading notation screams lower prices – but WILL price comply?

IF price follows the swings as it has formed over the past 9 years then the Grey’d out area (vertical) to the right of the WEEKLY chart is a high probability price Zone in the weeks to follow.

For guidance – the next BEARISH AND BULLISH Weekly DTosc reversals are likely to signal the strength of the market which will be confirmed by price action and the price moves.

I might (If I remember) update this chart in the weeks that follow to update the chart – I’m focusing on a couple of stocks for my personal Investment though which might take my time away from ancillary posts like this.

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