Using both the market and Indicators to EXIT

Very quick post as to how I exit the market (depending upon the set-up I’m using) – this is a prime example of how having too tight a stop can cost you profits

You can obviously slacken the trailing bar exit strategy too – It needs to be tailed to the strategy you use and it should be relevant to entry/trade as well.

Hopefully food for thought

In the chart below both the RSI and DTosc will at some point reverse bearish – that does not mean that price will – ALWAYS remember that PRICE governs, Indicators can be useful in identifying cycle turns and Rhythms, but because those Rhythms are not static things can get out of sync.

Chart is FTSE100 Index


Outlook Note: – This market is obviously toppy, BUT it is still BULLISH – Constant Rising swing low bottoms since February 2016

WEEKLY DTosc is now flatlining @ 100 = Well BULL OB

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  1. P A

     /  January 18, 2017

    Can you make your charts larger? I can’t zoom in on them. Thanks.

    • I can’t – I post them full page width – you must be able to enlarge them somehow at your end – prob best to view on a desktop comp and not a phone or Tablet – Then you can CTRL + to zoom in
      The chart used to be clicked on to enlarge but the web provider changed that a while back with no fix – I’m also not that computer savvy either


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