It’s nothing new Gann was looking at these over 100 years ago on the Dow – he just never mentioned Triangles directly – Gann classed them as A’s, M’s W’s, MM’s, WW’s, WA’s and WM’s etc

Apologies for the spelling mistakes on the chart- I don’t fully proof read before I publish to a free blog.


Longer term view confirms:


Now go and get a chart of ANY market to prove to yourself that they are present on ALL time-frames

How you SEE the triangle depends upon it’s position in the journey it’s taking – it’s only when it’s square on to your line of vision [on the chart] that it looks like an A, twist the A Anti-Clockwise and it has a high low last leg to the A (see far left of the chart above – you’ve got a clockwise twisted A that produces a bearish market with a lower last leg of the A and Immediately following that you’ve got a bullish A as described prior)

This twisting nature of Time also EXPLAINS why when you try to measure in time High-High points or Low-Low points different days/time occur rather than a static cycle – Depending on which way Time is twisting will result in closer tops/bottoms or tops/bottoms further away from each other

A’s offer you great trading opportunities especially when they form after a correction

I plan to produce paid for content on this subject later into 2017 – any questions on this subject might be answered, they might not be as I don’t wish to reveal too much in the free blog post.

To understand this slightly better, try to visualise the price moves on the chart in 3 Dimensions – Look at it from the point of view as price action either moving towards you or away from you and you will SEE things differently

One final point – It’s hard to use these triangles to trade with all the time – notice that during up or down TRENDS you can’t see any triangles – the trick is knowing the patterns and what they mean.



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