Update on the Wedger trade

Speaks for it’s self – what a great trade – up 10 times risk on trade 2 –

Trade 1 = still got 50% in


Right let’s be frank – be very very careful from now on the Dow should roll over now – a classic sign is when a bar closes on (or very very close) to it’s high = short term top (usually)

Couple this with the Time Cycle and you have a recipe for a major top to be very close at hand if not already in

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  1. Bart

     /  December 11, 2016

    I’m confused. We just had the time cycles mark the beginning of the next 18 year inflationary up cycle yet now you are saying we are making a major top??

    • Yep- it takes a little understanding – Right these long term cycles often have a period of grace that needs to be factored into the dates as they don’t always hit and move the market to the very day BUT the only way you can calculate them is to the day! – The old Down cycle has ended and the new cycle has started, but what we need to see is a decent pullback in the market – this would have been great on the 6th BUT if it happens in the next couple of weeks that is perfectly allowable due to the size of the cycle. Time Cycles don’t always arrive to the day which is a pain – I’m working on a couple of other time factors to try to erase this problem as it’s not ideal, but we have to work with what we know/have available – I’m also working on something else Gann related which gave a Dow figure of 19235 – this was funnily enough around the wedger trade and level – Anyway back to your comment – another key Time cycle from 2009 low hit on Friday (9th Dec) next 2 weeks are critical in the market – yes a top/high is expected followed by a LOW – I don’t know how low the low will be – it could be anything of decent move 10%+ – The simplest way to explain is just look for a significant low in the weeks that follow, If this does not happen then the cycle could have inverted (Which is has NEVER done since 1792). I think why you’re getting confused is that you’re expecting instant results – you’re not going to be able to 100% confirm the TC until years in the future and ref the Major high/low – it does not have to be a major high or low – it just has to be a high or low – the cycles that hit in Aug 2015 and now are the exact same cycles that hit in 1949 and 1950 – find a chart of that time to see that although these ended and started the major 17 yr Inflationary/deflationary periods the highs/lows were not what you would call major highs or lows – the time to look for a major high and low was back in 2000 when the Nasdaq fell 82% from it’s high – that will happen again circa 2070’s.
      Hope this has helped? I know its confusing and not 100% specific but over the next decade Inflationary pressures will prevail and the events of the past 16 years will disappear.
      Also there will be pretty sizeable corrections in the next 18 years


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