ANOTHER THT Wedger trade on the Dow!

I didn’t plan on posting so much this month – I was looking forward to a few weeks break, but this set-up just keeps on showing up- especially on the Dow (its also on the S&P500 too this time).


This will be the last THT Wedger set-up post

Thanks for your support and reading of the posts/site – Have a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Complete THT Wedger Trade

All out now – Even though the DTosc is signalling further potential HIGHS! on the Dow and S&P500 – BEWARE Nasdaq100 is NOT confirming the bullishness.

Anyway, THT Wedger trade, details on the chart:


How come sooooooo much £ and % profit? Because of the very small narrow risk per trade

4 of these trades per year and you’d smash professional traders and fund managers around the world and be in the top 1% of traders globally.

This will be the last time I ever write or comment about the THT Wedger trade for FREE

Quick update to the Time Cycle due Dec 2016

Charts first and then commentary below them:





In the USA charts above there IS a turn/low point in very early November 2016 – The FTSE100 is just visible!

The Time cycles that we’ve been waiting for COULD arrive that early – it is absolutely possible due to the size of the cycle BUT………a sideways trading market is not bullish and could constitute as the turn, however,

I’d be very very disappointed if that is the turn date though as it will have arrived with a little puff of air and not the expected decent plunge.

Notice how ALL the USA Weekly DTosc’s have just turned negative (Bearish) the Dow is maxed right out @ 100 and can’t sustain that forever, the UK FTSE100 is still bullish.

All the USA markets DAILY DTosc are Bearish – hence why markets were negative today – what we don’t know though is the extent of price on this bearishness.

If the market is going to turn it will do so with BOTH the Daily and Weekly DTosc’s being Bearish – this should happen this week – this again does not mean price will comply as IF price is going to move in sync with the larger time frame WEEKLY DTosc direction then it will do so either on the 1st or 2nd Daily DTosc bearish reversal, so we might have to wait for the 2nd turn!

If you’ve been watching my “Wedger” trade posts you’ll notice that I went LONG even when waiting for the possible decline – remember when you get a trade signal you trade it regardless of your opinions – we’ve NOT have a trade signal to the short side yet regardless of the time cycles arriving you NEED the market to confirm the decline and it’s NOT happened as of yet.

The NEW/UP Inflationary cycle has commenced though, as the December 6th 2016 date will be the point to project future cycles from.

There could be a valid reason in QE – if the markets fail to deliver the cycle decline we’re looking out for – If this cycle fails this time then it will be the 2nd time since 1792 – the last time was in 1860’s USA Civil war times when the government through in large amounts of money to rebuild (a bit like QE!).

Anyway regardless, there is nothing that can be done for a few weeks until the window/time zone for the cycle expires – this is the frustrating part of using cycles they don’t always come in bang on the day.

What I’m waiting to see is how the market reacts to the Bearish Weekly DTosc reversal – that should give some clues as to if the decline will be severe or poor

As I’ve always said you to “trade what you see, not what you think should/will happen”

Once again if the Nov 2016 low is the low – I’ll be really really shocked as that would be pathetic – we will know more as December passes

The key is to watch the weekly DTosc and the Daily bearish reversals – I wrote the bulk of this post this afternoon (UK time) and had to leave it to attend to something else – I notice the US markets closed down due to Yellen’s Interest rate hike.  The market have been high on expectation of QE since 2009, a rise in rates signals it all coming to an end right around the Time Cycle date, weekly and daily DTosc’s turning negative (bearish) the market is ripe to turn over – but that’s my call – it needs to be PROVED by price action


Update on the Wedger trade

Speaks for it’s self – what a great trade – up 10 times risk on trade 2 –

Trade 1 = still got 50% in


Right let’s be frank – be very very careful from now on the Dow should roll over now – a classic sign is when a bar closes on (or very very close) to it’s high = short term top (usually)

Couple this with the Time Cycle and you have a recipe for a major top to be very close at hand if not already in

Another Wedger on the DOW!

The Dow is rocketing (Warning on the Time Cycles though)

The Dow’s just lit up another Wedger of the other day


See you don’t need fancy Timing and Price analysis – sometimes just a plain old pattern can make you some money

Start of the NEW UP/Inflationary 17 year cycle

Well after so long, this is it.

Welcome to the start of the NEW UP/Inflationary cycle – Remember this is a massive 16-18 yr cycle it might not come in exactly to the day – a months grace either side is perfectly acceptable for this cycle.

The world is likely to be still negative, the public definitely will be in no mood to forget the last 17 years as it’s led to false rally after false rally only to remain a flat affair.

But believe me the next UP cycle has begun – this coincides with the seasonal UP period from November -April so keep an eye out in the years that follow for around this period of time being an ULTIMATE LOW (Please note this does NOT have to a new major low) and KEY turning point from 2000 in the markets – Specifically the NASDAQ as this is the market of choice at present.

Now the market is not going to go straight upwards for the next 17 years!  But I bet you that in 2034* the market will be significantly high than what it is now – the market may take a few years to get going, or it may not – there is no way of knowing.

All the very best for the next 17 years

This will be the period that the buy and holder thinks they’re in control of Investing – the facts will be that the markets are just going up anyway and they’re piggy backing on that market direction and when the market turns down in 2034 they’ll once again get hit hard by the full on bear markets that will form the 17 year DOWN cycle!

Now once a LOW/BOTTOM point has been formed I will divulge the main cycle dates to watch for during the next 17 years.

These cycle dates will be key, some will work, others won’t so much, but they will be the major turning points for the next 17 years up and down – they will also be forming Gann’s Law of Vibration

*2034 – the 17 year cycle should actually form a double top the first top will be in 2032, down and then up to a final top in 2034 – the chart I’ll produce will contain all the key dates and expected directional outcomes

Just remember how many of the “popular” forecasters have been telling you to look for a turn in 2016 – the answer is NONE of them – I’ve been telling you for YEARS

Here’s a chart:


Lots going on in this chart – let me explain – THINK about what I’m saying!

  1. The RED Time Cycle – although on the chart I started it from 1st Sept 1998 – the EXACT same results would have been hit with a start date 12th December 1914 – 1914!!!!!! This for a start is truly amazing
  2. The GREEN Time Cycle is the SAME as the RED TC ~BUT~ I’ve split the TC into harmonics of the RED TC – If you go down one more harmonic (not shown on chart) then the green cycle gets split and lands smack bang on 1987 crash – ANYWAY that’s not the point I wanted to make – look at the START of the GREEN Time Cycle in August 1981? To 2016 it is EXACTLY 144 degrees (This can be verified by counting 8 times the 18 degree GREEN Time Cycle on the chart! Now W.D. Gann said that the Square of 12 (144) was important didn’t he!  Not shown but I have on other previous charts, go BACK 144 degrees of the GREEN cycle from the 2009 LOW and you get the low of 1974! – this cycle is linked to Pythagoras!
  3. The PINK Time Cycle is another very reliable strong cycle that can be traced back decades – This shows the 60 degree harmonic of this powerful cycle from the 1987 crash LOW – 3 MAJOR hits out of 4 as can be seen on the chart
  4. They all converge early December – Remember we are looking for and ALWAYS have been looking for a LOWaround these dates – If the markets continue higher into these dates then expect some sort of plunge into LOWS
  5. I’m not religous at all – but in the bible ezekiel mentioned “Wheels within Wheels” this is a classic example of exactly that
  6. It should be blatantly clear from the price action on the chart that some structure is being BUILT by market action – you can see this by looking at the time period 1966-1982 too!
  7. following this it should also be clear that every major top/bottom is obviously some sort of major point of force in that structure – Gann said “Mathematics rule the markets”