Hi All,

Trading/Investing is very subjective – we can all look at a chart and all come up with differing ideas as to what is going to happen.

This is basically called “GUESSING”, sometimes we’re right, other times dead wrong – If you have a trade position on then that best guess can make or cost you real hard cash/money.

I’ll be rebooting blog posts in the weeks that follow – if you have any subjects you’d like me to look at/thoughts on etc let me know and if appropriate I’ll give you my take

I’ll cover popular subjects such as Elliott Wave, Gann, How to Time using traditional methods, Gartley/Butterfly patterns and what actually works, How to be a long-term Investor etc

Leave suggestions in the comments box – these won’t show up until I’ve “approved” the comment so don’t panic if the question does not show up for a few hours.



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  1. Paul

     /  October 28, 2016

    More on Gann please!

    • Hi Paul – It’s hard to know what to publish on Gann – there’s certain stuff I don’t want to give away – keep your eyes peeled for an S&P500 post I’m doing soon (2 in fact)


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