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    "It doesn't matter whether you want the markets to rise or fall - they sing to their own tune and if you're not listening to the markets tune your money is at stake" The Hovis Trader
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Hi All,

Trading/Investing is very subjective – we can all look at a chart and all come up with differing ideas as to what is going to happen.

This is basically called “GUESSING”, sometimes we’re right, other times dead wrong – If you have a trade position on then that best guess can make or cost you real hard cash/money.

I’ll be rebooting blog posts in the weeks that follow – if you have any subjects you’d like me to look at/thoughts on etc let me know and if appropriate I’ll give you my take

I’ll cover popular subjects such as Elliott Wave, Gann, How to Time using traditional methods, Gartley/Butterfly patterns and what actually works, How to be a long-term Investor etc

Leave suggestions in the comments box – these won’t show up until I’ve “approved” the comment so don’t panic if the question does not show up for a few hours.



Why is GBP/USD crashing?

There’s a HUGE amount of media speculation about the British pound  and in particular to the US Dollar $

Here’s my 10 mins worth of analysis, all info is on the chart:




2 Months to go


02 Months to go EXACTLY

until the current BEARISH Time Cycle ENDS and the next UP/Inflationary 17 Year Time Cycle BEGINS

Think back to all the negative news of the past year and 17 years around the times of the market plunges.

Ok so lets have a quick look at what is arriving in December 2016:

  1. – We have the Major 18 year Time Cycle hitting on 6th Dec (Chart 2)
  2. – We have another Major Time cycle arriving – projected from the March 2009 LOW (Chart 1)
  3. – The other major 18 year cycle arrived 18th August 2015 so that is already in play (That’s what caused the August 2015 crash/plunge) (Chart 2) – Now its imperative to understand the Blue and Red cycles are intimately linked – EITHER the Red or the Blue cycle WILL start the turns for the 18 yr cycle – this mostly happens If/When the Red cycles arrives AFTER the Blue cycle, IF the Blue cycle arrives AFTER the Red cycle (as is happening NOW) then It’s highly likely that the Blue cycle turn date will turn things.

Chart 1


Chart 2

Time cycles2

Chart 3

Just for Information – Find on the chart 2/3 1974 – Notice the low point?, well if you projected the cycle from that exact low point using 144 (Gann’s square of 12) it would of given you a date of March 2009!  If you had known and plotted those dates/cycles to your charts you’d of known in advance whilst the entire globe were in panic mode and talking shares even further downwards, you’d of been waiting for the signs of a trend reversal and multi-month price appreciation!

PS – the square of 12 (144) does not always work, you have to know the conditions of when it works and when a different calculation works – a future time cycle can be projected using 144 from the 2009 LOW! that is due 2040’s and it should be another MAJOR ~MAJOR LOW point in price and a wonderful buying opportunity – more details to follow in the years ahead