3 Months to go


03 Months to go EXACTLY

until the current BEARISH Time Cycle ENDS and the next UP/Inflationary 17 Year Time Cycle


Starting to get prepared to take advantage of the turn


Look at the chart above – these are another set of key Time Cycles prevalent in the markets.

These have all been projected from the March 2009 LOW – just look how they are all grouped around December 2016.

This along with the main Time Cycles due early December 2016, tell you to be aware of this key period of time

**Please note the cycles on the chart above are displayed EXACT – in real-life these smaller cycles are often “OUT” hence why the don’t seem to “FIT” perfectly on the chart – I’m afraid there’s no way around this, hence why I personally only choose to use the larger longer term Time Cycles.

Around the time of the turn the DTosc should turn upwards too – so keep an eye on the analysis I do on the Nasdaq100 Index – link is here for you https://thehovistrader.wordpress.com/nasdaq100/

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