FTSE100 – Continued Review

Weekly: DTosc still OB and in OB zone – hence weekly market market action since last post – Too risky to buy when the DTosc is in this position as the high probability move is a pull-back of some degree.

10082016 - FTSE100 Weekly

Daily: DTosc is OB and n the OB zone – a pull back in price is highly likely in the next week or so!

Couple this with the WEEKLY DTosc position and you have 2 time frames calling a overbought position

10082016 - FTSE100 Daily

Odds are on for a pull-back correction of some degree (Impossible to judge the severity) or a sideways market UNTIL the WEEKLY DTosc either enters the OS zone OR makes a bullish reversal UNDER the 80 line (closer to zero the better)

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