4 Months to go


04 Months to go EXACTLY

until the current BEARISH Time Cycle ENDS and the next UP/Inflationary 17 Year Time Cycle


There is a Time Cycle due this month – related to the Square of 12 from 1981(ish)

I’ve not had time to produce a chart showing it – this cycle is dying out now and may or may not be effective.

Overall you are looking for the market to be declining into and around December 2016, by how much? It’s not known, it might be a little 10% correction or it may be a fairly heft drop – the thing is the market ought to bottom out December 2016 and start rising that when looked back on in years to come, you can say “That there (Dec 2016) was the turning point” – when comparing the 18 yr cycle points (start and termination)

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  1. Max

     /  August 7, 2016

    Where and how can i learn the best way your cycles turn? Thanks for your answer

    • You need to review the Cycle pages and WD Gann pages – If after that you do not recognise the provider of the material then contact me – I don’t provide the short-cut to the material for free, as it took me years to stumble across it – I charge £250 to provide detail of where to find it

      • max herren

         /  August 10, 2016

        Hi, Thanks to you for having answered… Im interested to learn about your work on cycle… I dont have to much time to learn because of my work … It took all my Time and energy…. I Will come back to you soon…
        Pleasure to hear about you

        Envoyé de mon iPhone

      • Time is what you need – this stuff cannot be learnt quickly – it took me 2-3 years

      • max herren

         /  August 11, 2016

        Hi i understand, i will contact your when i see that i have more free time in front of me to learn..for sur, Rome was not build in one day…:) see you soon

        Envoyé de mon iPhone

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