Gold analysis now on site:


New Pages to blog

I’ve created 2 new pages to the blog – For weekly analysis of the FTSE250 and NASDAQ100 Indexes – Gold will follow next few weeks:

The analysis will be free and is how I’m personally seeing the markets in question – not trading/Investment advice

FTSE100 – Continued Review

Weekly: DTosc still OB and in OB zone – hence weekly market market action since last post – Too risky to buy when the DTosc is in this position as the high probability move is a pull-back of some degree.

10082016 - FTSE100 Weekly

Daily: DTosc is OB and n the OB zone – a pull back in price is highly likely in the next week or so!

Couple this with the WEEKLY DTosc position and you have 2 time frames calling a overbought position

10082016 - FTSE100 Daily

Odds are on for a pull-back correction of some degree (Impossible to judge the severity) or a sideways market UNTIL the WEEKLY DTosc either enters the OS zone OR makes a bullish reversal UNDER the 80 line (closer to zero the better)

4 Months to go


04 Months to go EXACTLY

until the current BEARISH Time Cycle ENDS and the next UP/Inflationary 17 Year Time Cycle


There is a Time Cycle due this month – related to the Square of 12 from 1981(ish)

I’ve not had time to produce a chart showing it – this cycle is dying out now and may or may not be effective.

Overall you are looking for the market to be declining into and around December 2016, by how much? It’s not known, it might be a little 10% correction or it may be a fairly heft drop – the thing is the market ought to bottom out December 2016 and start rising that when looked back on in years to come, you can say “That there (Dec 2016) was the turning point” – when comparing the 18 yr cycle points (start and termination)