8 Months to go


08 Months to go EXACTLY

until the current BEARISH Time Cycle ENDS and the next UP/Inflationary 17 Year Time Cycle BEGINS

We are getting closer

Once the December cycle is in, I’ll publish the MAIN cycles to watch out for for the next 17 years

The beast “666” cycle that arrived in May 2013, warned of tricky periods ahead – this cycle next arrives in 2026, this cycle also coincides with another major cycle in 2026 – this other cycle in 2026 is later in the year than the beast cycle and this other cycle is ALWAYS a low point – so already we have a probable scenario of a high into the beast cycle dates, falling into the other major 2026 cycle date – so a period of months that you will need to have your wits about you! How many other traders are telling you about a possible trading outcome 10 years in advance?

The beast and the other major cycle WILL be shown on a chart referred to above following the Dec 2016 cycle bottom

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  1. Simon Phillips

     /  April 6, 2016

    I can’t wait am planning on doing a lot of buying in the month after the election :) Do you think we will see a major correction after July/August 2017 into the end of 2017? 2007,1997,1987 have not been kind in this regard it seems every time the market gets to the latter part of the decade ending in 7 there is at least a significant pause. Cheers Simon

    • Hi Simon,

      I’ve not looked that far ahead – I’m waiting for the low point due in Dec 2016 to then project many cycles from.
      Years ending in 7 are not very good – you have to ignore 2007 and 1987 – significant time cycles caused those crashes, 1997 was a 10%ish correction – which is plausible.
      From Dec 2016-2032/34 I would not expect the markets to exceed the low point due in Dec 2016 – There is a 5 year cycle that will cause at some point a significant correction (1987 style) I plan to list the potential dates for that occurrence as it can’t be accurately forecast – the reason the markets crashed in 1987 was that the 5 year cycle arrived 5 yrs after the 1982 cycle low point – it will put in an appearance in the next cycle for sure, its just hard to pinpoint when with certainty – but it always hits either 5 yrs after the start of the cycle, in the middle of the cycle or at the end of the 17 yr cycle
      The stats and expectation for 5th years got trashed last year, so don’t get too hung up on 7th years – it might or might not happen.

  2. Simon Phillips

     /  April 7, 2016

    All very good points! I follow the Realestate cycle which shows a peak in stocks in 2019 followed by a mid cycle recession resulting in lower stock prices into the latter part of 2021. It also shows a break in stocks in 2026 (18.6 years from 2007) which will lead to a major crash in stocks. Its interesting you mention the 5 year cycle because my research shows this will happen from 2021-2026 as it did in 82-87 and 2002-2007 which were also the last phases in the 18.6 year realestate cycle. Cheers Simon

    • Gann’s Financial Timetable details the 18.6 yr cycle for stocks.
      Yes 2026 should be interesting, I think (from memory) I have a danger phase for March time, down into late 2026 from which the mid cycle acceleration point will occur to the upside – double tops due in 2032 and 2034 – I’ll confirm for certain when I publish the chart for the next 17 yrs after the turning point in Dec 2016 (this year).
      I’ve not looked at the property data, but its something I’d like to do for the UK market, I doubt you can obtain data that goes back decades for the UK – I’d need it in CSV format to be able to do anything with it, last time I looked (5 yrs ago) I couldn’t obtain. THT


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