A Look back in history – years ending in a 6

Back in the 1920’s W.D. Gann used to sell his market forecasts for the year ahead for mega money of the day – what he did was very simple……

He basically looked back at the monthly market action of previous years for as far back as his data allowed, he then put together a composite of the Index based on those previous years.

So If he were here today he’d simply look at the years 2006, 1996, 1986, 1976, 1966……etc and create a composite Index based on those years!

So lets do it:

Up Years          Down Years

2006                       1966

1996                        1946




So far odds are on for 2016 to be an UP year based on history…….

To qualify as an UP year all the DOW/S&P500 has to do is close 0.01pt ABOVE its starting level!

Generally for your information – DOWN years are typically those ending in: 0/1/7

The others are considered UP years

Obviously this is all theory and really anything can happen, but its a good base to work from and have the knowledge in the background

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