The ONLY thing missing from this market cycle



Months of price DEflation are the only thing missing from this 17 year market Time Cycle.

I’d fully expect at some point before December 2016 for a bout of pro-longed Price DEflation to occur and possible take us into the next UP market Time Cycle.

Once you understand the Inflationary and Deflationary cycles you can then work out what economic components go inside them.

Many commodity markets are depressed – these are typically what feeds through into the general economy by way of forcing price of items up or down.

Those commodities have Time Cycles of there own – I’ve not looked at them as I’m not interested in those markets, but I’d bet that they’ve topped out and are sinking in price and bottoming around the same time as the stock market market time cycle is drawing to an end = recipe for price Deflation

If this is of Interest to you then I would encourage you to look at the period 1982-2000 the USA markets/economy are fine and look to see what the stock markets did / price Inflation / Credit Inflation / employment / Interest Rates / QE (there was none) / etc etc

Were the stock market crashes pro-longed or quickly recovered?

1987 was a key Time Cycle date – it was the 5 year growth time cycle (1982-1987) that occurs during all 17 yr cycles, the fall was a major event, but it was quickly recovered because the overall 17 yr market cycle was UP.


There is an Illusion that governments like you to think happens – that they can control the economy, they can’t – it’s the fact that the market Time Cycle in force dictates economic activity, the Illusion comes with the UP periods exceeding the DOWN periods as even during a 17 yr Down period you still have periods of 5 years of bullish markets.

If a government and it’s Central Bank could control an economy then they would ALWAYS achieve the perfect “Goldilocks” economic factors that would keep an economy in perfect harmony with no stock market panics – it simply cannot be done, never, ever.

Japan is a prime example – or are we to believe that the Japanese are an inferior race who are stupid and those trying to run the economy are either stupid or incompetent?  Of course not, they are intelligent people , trying everything to stimulate the economy and get the stock market firing again – It’s the Deflationary Depression they are in that is making them look silly.

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