10 Months to go


10 Months to go EXACTLY

until the current BEARISH Time Cycle ENDS and the next UP/Inflationary 17 Year Time Cycle


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  1. Man, you got me going with this cycles thingy quite a bit. I am paying attention to your updates and almost can’t wait to see what’s going to happen. Will still follow my trading plan, but some down action until your scenario comes into play is possible very much .. looking at past market behavior it looks like that’s exactly what’s needed before, in 10 months apparently, a trend change will take place and take markets to new highs.

    • Hi F-T,
      Yes just use it as additional trading info and stick to your normal trading plan.
      Regarding the date – the 6/7th Dec 2016 is the EXACT date, as the Time cycle is such a long-dated (17 yr) cycle lee-way either side of Dec must be given – 1 month max either side on average – the point being well into 2017+ you should be able to look at a chart of the USA markets and say look at that point there, that was when the market turned – and it should be dated around Dec 2016.
      The ending of this particular cycle usually ends in a 3 year bear market – the UK market has abided pretty well and the USA markets have sort of abided but not properly, which is my only concern.
      But we’ll see what happens – so far the market action since 2000 has been pretty much spot on and the anticipated market action in the run up to Dec 2016 is now in place………..Watch this space

      thanks for the comment


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