The NEXT MAJOR BEARISH market section in 17 years time[2034]

There’s loads of Cycles dates in the next UP phase and those have been previously published on the pages on here and onto blog posts too – please take your time to familiarise yourself with them.

This next UP cycle is as the name suggests UP – refer to a chart of 1982-2000 for an approx view of what it should look like – in essence it will be UP!

So what about the NEXT DOWN cycle then?

Well I’m going to publish what to look for 17-34 years PRIOR – keep a reference of this page to see if its correct or not – it’s not extensive – I’ve published on other posts other KEY dates to watch as well.

Some of the following dates will NOT work out – they’ll fail or not appear – this happens in all the previous sections going back a hundred+ years, its just something that you have to accept, however, many will work!

The market of choice at the moment is the NASDAQ – it’s where all the fever money has gone into of late, prior to the 1990’s it was the DJIA – you need to use charts for the market of the time.- why? Because you need to watch the market where man/woman are placing most of their speculative money, this market will react well to Time Cycles and show you the panic and greed of mankind all reflected in a handy chart of actual market prices recorded and displayed for all to see.

Here’s a table of Timings:

Box 1                 Box 2                 Box 3                 Box 4

09/02/1966        14/05/1969         07/10/1974         18/06/1982   – Chart 1 (1966-1983)

14/01/2000        10/10/2002         11/10/2007         21/10/2015   – Chart 2 (2000-2017)

05/07/2032        04/05/2035         26/02/2041         21/12/2050   – Projected from Chart 2 DATES

23/09/2032        22/06/2035         06/04/2041         25/01/2051   – Projected from Chart 1 DATES

So from the table above – TWO cycles projected from the last 2 turning points predict a “Window” turning point – i.e. 05/07/2032 – 23/09/2032 – If that cycle is valid and plays out then there WILL be some form of market reaction around that window of time – it will be either UP, DOWN or SIDEWAYS – you CANNOT predict in advance what price will do, the fact is we are predicting TIME – You need to devise a strategy of how to use that anticipated Time prediction into your own price trading.

If you Triangulate Time Cycles from previous turning points and the dates come in very close to one another you know the Time Cycle is relevant and usable.

LOOK at the charts below – SEE how the dates are LINKED – The RED Boxes are LINKED from LEFT to RIGHT on the chart picture the boxes labelled 1-4, Well Box 1 on the top chart is LINKED to Box 1 on the lower chart, these charts are SEPERATED by 34 years!!!!!!!!!! Stop and pause, think – Boxes 3 on both charts are linked by a recurring Time Cycle – 34 years apart and that Time Cycle nailed the 2007 HIGH and also the 1974 LOW! That is just utterly amazing, as I’m on the subject of that particular Time Cycle Box 3 was ALSO responsible for the following:

  • 10th May 1940 (Market crashed as Hitler Invades France – the same Time Cycle occurred 75 years LATER as ISIS went on a masacre in Paris France on 13th November 2015!
  • Before 1940 the same Time Cycle hit right at the LOW – the VERY LOW of the “Rich Man’s Panic” of 1907
  • Just amazing

Now this cycle is approx 34 years in length – the ACTUAL turn dates can be 2-3 months EITHER side of the date printed above – it is very RARE that a turn in the market for this Time Cycle happens bang on the week it’s predicted so you must allow lee-way.

⇓                   ⇓                                     ⇓                                                                  ⇓

If I had all the chart data back to 1900 I could show you all the linked dates using the SAME cycle from 1900!

This cycle is very accurate, I’m extremely confident that more than 1 date will turn the market – these cycles are independent and in ADDITION of the other Time Cycles I’ve already published for the period of 2034-2051 in previous blog posts – you’ll need to collate all that info for yourself, to form a picture.

What “shape” should the 2034 DOWN cycle take?  It will look very very similar to 1966-1982 (see chart above) – because that is the section of the market that will play out in Circa 2034.

What about the UP cycles? The cycle formula uses the exact same Time Cycle but a different calculation of it – the UP cycles go UP, its the DOWN cycles people need to be aware of as those are the ones that can wreck a persons Investing life.

For your Information – the Oct 32015 Time Cycle listed above in the Table – it IS too soon right now (Nov 2015) to say whether it will create a major turn – it IS perfectly feasible to say that this cycle arrived with the August cycle as you have to give leeway of a couple of months on this cycle, so it might already be in and be the cause of the crash in August! I’m afraid the only true way of knowing is for enough time to pass to say it hit there.

I’m now going to focus on a trading blog posts and a trading page as to how to read the market, trade and profit from what is going on in the markets, so watch this space for those.

Hope it helps

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