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Ok we’re looking at the chart ABOVE this text – Mid Cycle CRASH/PANIC, followed by market finding a level Circa 50% of the high! Then when the next UP Time Cycle starts – COMPARE ALL the charts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Look at the chart ABOVE – 13 year cycle hits 1946, LOOK at the market pattern and compare it to that of the FTSE100 since 2013!

1949 = Start of the next 18 yr Time Cycle


Look at the chart above – Mid cycle panic followed by…………..Circa 50% fall, then bottoms.

1982 – start of the next 18 yr Time Cycle!

I will be totally surprised if Circa Dec 2016 when the next UP 18 yr Time Cycle arrives the market does not behave as it has in the final blue circle on each of those charts

The only thing that has not happened so far in this 18 yr DOWN cycle is prolonged Price DEFLATION – EVERYTHING else expected HAS already happened:

  • Stock Market Crashes
  • Rock Bottom Interest Rates
  • QE
  • Credit (True) DEFLATION
  • Mid cycle panic
  • Market bottom @ Circa 50% etc

The Time Cycles absolutely govern HUMAN BEHAVIOUR, the Time Cycles just repeat over and over and over ALL the time – forever – Humans buy and sell shares/stocks, that is WHY patterns of Stock Market price history is very similar in pattern – When you separate the UP cycles and match to the last time they happened they look very similar – exactly as do the DOWN cycles (shown above).

In each instance the mid cycle LOW point was never breached – this is why I’m confident the “big RESET” is not going to happen – wrong part of the cycle

So far we’ve had 2000 Bear Market, 2007 Bear Market – the period has been riddled with BEAR markets, the public now think all hell is going to happen, the public as a whole are typically wrong in their thinking because its based on emotion built up of previous experiences – so the public (via the mainstream media) tell you chaos and world disaster is underway and I’m telling you its all very very nearly over based on identifying when these Time Cycles hit in the past – These Time Cycles last just long enough to lull people into thinking they’ll last forever – both UP and DOWN cycles.


I have a post coming out soon which compares previous cycles – that post was written in Late 2015 and mentions the Time Cycle of October 2105, there can now be absolutely no doubt whatsoever that the recent events of Jan 2016 are the effects of that Time Cycle



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