Next 3 years what’s the market going to do?

Thought I’d reblog this post as it serves to back up my predictions – pretty accurate, especially the UK market and the USA markets since 2013 loosely fall into these descriptions

The HOVIS Trader


The market should form a high/Top during 2013, you know my preferred month was May from previous posts and the W.D. Gann – Medium Term Market Predictions page.

That does not mean that during 2014 a new price high can’t be conjured up by the market, it’s highly unlikely  but could happen.

When you look at a weekly/monthly chart of the S&P500 and especially of the Nasdaq you should be able to easily tell that the overall trend of the 3 year period has been flat to down.  IF new highs are recorded during 2014 then I would expect it will be quick poke higher and then a drop – NOT continued bullish price appreciation – IF price does form a bullish continual ascent then my outlook for the future is totally and utterly screwed.

Warning:  the only way of knowing for sure if I’m right or wrong…

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