Market sections – Familar?

Of course they are – the same Time Cycles cause these market patterns

That is WHY the generic pattern is the same

BEARISH Deflationary Time Cycles first =

DJIA 1897-1917

1897-Dec 1914

DJIA 1965-1985




Notice the Mid cycle Panic??????????

Notice around what % level of the HIGH the market stops in its tracks right at the LOW of the mid cycle crash? (50% ish) – this is NOT a Fibonacci number

Notice how 1914 and 1982 turning points (Start of the new UP Cycle) did NOT exceed the price low of the Mid Cycle Panic? AND that, that WAS where price commenced its tremendous uptrend for the next 17 year BULLISH Cycle!

Let’s look:

BULLISH Inflationary Time Cycles now:

DJIA 1914-1934


DJIA 1949-1969




Market HISTORY of factual price data from 1897 – notice the UP/DOWN sequence of Cycles

Nasdaq100 1987-2016

Nasdaq100 1980’s – 2016

Compare that to market action of the DOW of 1929

DJIA 1914-1934

DJIA 1932-1952

It’s not 100% perfect and it never will be but you can see the generic patterns.

Also look at the war periods – not as devastating as you’re led to believe!

Notice the turning point of 1949?

You should see that kind of market action in Dec 2016 – A LOW point and then a massive market rally upwards (not without a hitch though!) into 2034 (just look at 1949-1966 for a comparison of what market action should generically look like) – this point does NOT have to be a all time or major PRICE LOW, just a place on the chart that you can CLEARLY define as a turning point – I’ve detailed when the NEXT UP Time Cycle is due and that is on 6/7th December 2016.

The factors that control and create these Time Cycles never stop or change, the only factor that does change are the PEOPLE trading/Investing during the period of times of the Time Cycles!

Different generations have more available funds than generations decades ago and as such force growth into the markets which makes greater volatile swings as those growth patterns work out in the market.

BUT the general underlying cause is constant, hence why the patterns are similar in structure and form.

Now the UP cycles are not without their fair share of “panics” as can be seen from the charts – the secret is KNOWING when the Cycles start/End and what typically to expect look at 1914-1929, it took the market until the mid 1920’s to really get going, but the overall cycle was UP and that is what happened until 1929 when it all went bang.


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