2015 – Up or Down Year?

As far as stock market stats go – years ending in a 5 in the decade have historically been UP years.

The 5th Year is traditionally a VERY Bullish year

2015 is going to buck the trend, even it it does lustre a late surge UP year, the year has been rubbish

Still the 6th year of the decades are also significant Bulls too so all hope is not lost, I’m just too aware of the Time Cycle point LOW due in Dec 2016 to be massively Bullish for 2016.


In the chart above, If I’d of been trading (I’m NOT) I’d of gone LONG as of the VERY bottom bar – closing prices – Its broken a key Friday to Monday momentum pattern suggesting a possible CHANGE of trend, The following days action confirmed this – this could be the Santa Rally!

Remember I’m guessing I could be wrong, but the set-up looks good for a few %

Now for the Dec 2016 LOW point the market (as mentioned previously) does NOT have to form a low price level – it is perfectly fine for the market to rise, rise and then pull back into a LOW point then off – Imagine starting the year at ZERO, the market then rise and rises to say 200, it then pulls back to 150 forming a low – that is one possible scenario.

Every man and his dog is calling for new LOWS to be formed – yes its possible, but the “Big Reset” you hear about should NOT happen

I aim to be much more focused on the markets from Week 1 2016 as I’m bored with the time off now.


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