Did you see it?

8th October 2015?

Another very key Time Cycle has just arrived

This one needs a couple of weeks lee-way as its a long term cycle in the making

No chart in this one as I posted the TC on 17th May 2015 on a chart along with the 18th August 2015 TC

This TC that has just arrived is responsible for some significant moves on the market up and downwards over the years, heres a few that it has been responsible for:

1982 – Turning the market UPWARDS – this cycle arrived in 1982 BEFORE the 17.6 yr cycle mentioned in another post

1947 – This is the only time a flat affair has arisen from the cycle – if you count this cycle as a failure then this TC has a hit rate of 93.33% rather than 100% for turning the market – who do you know has a hit rate better than 93.33%? No one I bet

1914 – Turned the market UP – as it coincided very very closely to the other major TC’s that were turning UP too

The difference you have THIS time is that the 17.6 yr cycle has already been, this one is just arriving BUT the major 17 year cycle is not due until 6th December 2016 (another 14 months)

sit back and see what actually happens

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