The 17.6 yr Cycle

All the info you need is on the chart, I’ve written about this cycle in the past – it hit the other day with massive power

17.6 yr cycle

It is IMPOSSIBLE to say how far down the market will definitely go – a very plausible scenario is that this could force the market down or sideways into the Dec 2016 Time Cycle, which remember starts the next UP cycle

As I mentioned years back, I very much doubt that 2009 LOW will be taken out, but you can never be 100% certain – best thing to do is sit and watch market action as it unfolds – May 2013 was the time to convert to CASH holdings – especially the UK markets.

I’m planning on updating the next lot of cycles – I want to prove to you that they work, but in doing so creates me a massive amount of work, as I don’t calculate the cycles from the software shown above – it comes from another software program and I have to manually input it into the charting software above!

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