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Hello, Here’s the next sequence of charts – these charts show the sequences within the larger cycles. For those who have not linked this or have not read W.D. Gann’s work – Gann said in the early 1900’s that he traded according to the “Law of Vibration” and that the wireless radio would not work without the Law of Vibration – put very very simply – the markets work in cycles, some of those cycles are large and others smaller, the cycles that drive the markets ALL work in harmony with each other – where people go wrong is that they try to force their logical perception of cycles into one another and it does not work, what you have to do is work out the larger cycles, then the lower cycles and work out the bits of the cycles that don’t fit in harmony AND I know exactly what YOU want ( A cycle that shows a High, then a Low, then a High and then a Low etc etc – that rarely happens) they do exist but you have to be open in your interpretation  – remember the markets are playing to their own tune and it’s our job to figure out not only the overall tune, but the tune being played right now and I’m afraid also the notes and how they’re ALL harmonically connected – this is the very very very hard part. I’d of never of been able to do this myself – I learnt all this from my recommended Gann course provider – not in person but from their course materials – and if I can do it anyone can. I need to refer back to the previous cycle posts at this point – from now on what you are about to see are cycles that occasionally sync with the previous cycles shown – in the big picture it ALL sync and fit, but in the smaller picture only occasionally – so in essence we are from NOW on looking at different cycles to those previously mentioned – but because of the limitations of my charting software I have to re-use some of the coloured lines – I’ll make sure each cycle is colour coded too – a thick line = an important junction, thin lines = less important junctions of the cycle. These are the cycles that drive the stock market – S&P500, Dow, Nasdaq etc This is the 21 year cycle (BLACK LINES), it is also harmonically linked to a 7 year cycle (BLUE lines) – I know this does not look much but in the larger time frame it is very very Important 21 and 7 yr cycles

This next chart looks at another Important chart, this is GANN’s 45 year cycle, broken up into “bits or sections” 1

Now a closer look at this cycle – cycle start date is the LOW of the 1987 Crash – the 1st chart yeah ok some hits, the 2nd chart down! Proves it without doubt – and the 3rd chart below again some good hits! 2 3 4

Look at how many accurate hits it has!  For this cycle it does not have to be EXACT – it has to be allowed leeway either side. STILL THINK THE MARKETS ARE RANDOM?????? – This cycle [above] proves they’re are NOT [random] – just too many “hits” at precise turning points – coincidence? NOPE, this cycle “Hits” with pinpoint accuracy as far back as you care to look – 1900-1932?  Yep, DEAD on hits with major turning points on more than 10 occasions!!!!! Notice the next occurrence of this cycle = 6th December 2016, if you look back at previous posts you’ll see that the 18 years cycle ENDS 7th December 2016!  These are 2 DIFFERENT cycles both arriving within a day of each other – THINK – these cycles are years in length and yet arrive within days! Be sure to watch the market action very closely those days! and REMEMBER the NEXT cycle is UP and Inflationary!

There are more cycles of a smaller scale that need to be inserted (next few blog posts) these explain the other movements and narrow down the cycles to be seen on a daily chart – these are now likely to be posted sometime September as I’m not planning on posting over the summer.

Whatever you do, do NOT look for these cycles to time every major high or low – one cycle on its own will not do that, it’s a COMBINATION of multiple cycles all working in conjunction with one another that do that – this means you HAVE no choice but to look at (and work out) numerous multiple cycles – most traders can’t be bothered with the faff of doing that!

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  1. Be under no Illusion the RED Time Cycle above is a major player in the markets – a very very major player!


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