The Famous 13 year Cycle

Following on from previous cycles, we’ll take a look at the 13 year cycle – this cycle is in the BIBLE and it represents the BEAST cycle as it’s approx 666 weeks in length (actually 666-668 weeks, but lets not be picky)

This cycle is actually 5 cycles and based on the way you calculate the varying cycles they come out very close to each other in length – you could derive Phi from these cycles as some cycles are based on 13 revolutions and others 8 and 5 – those are Fibonacci numbers and show up within this cycle.

But I don’t use Fibonacci in this cycle, its a coincidence of the concept, obviously it influences it somehow, but I never intentionally set out to include it, it just happens to be there as a result of the cycles.

Look at the chart:

13 year cycle main clusters

See the beauty of this 13 year cycle – its fairly clear!

On the face of it it looks like it failed in 2013 – wait until you look at the close up before judging.

Let’s look at the crash of 1987 – this explains it

13 yea r cycle 1987

Lets look at 2000

13 year cycle 2000

Now lets take a look at the beast cycle in the SP500 Index

Beast cycle in SP500

It came in RIGHT on target, but it did not have the desired effect on the market, but you cannot deny it came in right on time!

Let’s look at the beast cycle in my main index the FTSE100 Index

Beast cycle in FTSE100

AGAIN it came in RIGHT on time and in the FTSE100 it forced the market sideways for months!  Now in my book a flat sideways market is just as destructive and bearish as a right out market crash.

I got out of the market at the very top bar in May 2013

Now what about it’s next cycle?  Well it’s due in 2026 (2013+13) but WHEN?

13 year cycle 2026

There is a cluster in March 2026 – but the key time period has to be end Feb right through to end March 2026

ALL the dates in the above charts are projected from 1949 and 1987 and just look at how tightly packed all these dates are projected from those dates – that is AMAZING

Now you know I was previously talking about (in other posts) projecting the mid cycle acceleration point in the next Inflationary/UP cycle well projected from the 1982 LOW it arrives on 15/11/2026 – It makes logical sense to possible expect that the beast cycle of March 2026 drags down the market into November 2026 and then explodes upwards to finish off the cycle – just a guess though!

The 1975 Cycle obviously Inverted to a bottom rather than a top as the market was falling heavily into it. that is the only odd ball part to the 13 year cycle

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