Here’s the next Time Cycle addition

Taking this really slowly as you HAVE to understand each Cycle and step – there’s lots and lots of factors involved in all the cycles and it took me a long time (3 years) to get grips with them and I’m still far from being an expert.

You do know where this is going don’t you? – I’m eventually going to drill down to the lower Time Cycles and reveal the dates of those to you!  That’s a month or so away though, depending upon time.

Right chart below looks exactly as previous post? – Nope I’ve added the PINK Time Cycle line to this graph – LOOK

Time cycles2

so what?

Well the WHAT is that this is a senior Time Cycle, in the context of this chart and example it has coincided with 3 major stock market turning points – it’s heading into another key time!!!!!!

So whats so fancy about this and all the other cycles?

Well BOTH the BLUE and PINK Time Cycles have been projected from 12/12/1914 – 100 years ago and still working strongly!

Now either 2015 or 2016 is a go LONG year – I’m cautiously looking to 2016 as I want to see how the markets react around those dates.

I do have 2 trading strategies for you and will disclose in due time, one needs the Time Cycle knowledge the other does not require ANY knowledge of Time Cycles – BOTH have been tested in actual market data for the expected UP cycle.

Also remember the chart above is a log chart to get all the data on, it’s worth looking on a normal chart at those dates to see just how big those turning points were in price terms as the log chart doe’s not do them justice – here it is as most won’t be bothered to do it for themselves


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