DEflation anyone?

If you are serious about understanding the monetary system PROPERLY or gaining a handle on how it affects your Investments – you need to understand the current Inflationary monetary system.

A very severe by-product of Inflation is Deflation, at some point in time Deflation will rear its ugly head.

The current system despises Deflation, because it puts into reverse the system manipulators ploys – the current ploy is to make money continually by/from Inflation.

You would be very wise to check out

by doing so you’ll join a few rare % of the globe that understand the current con and the possible side-effects those in power fail to explain to you!

The choice is yours, its your money not mine (I’ve learnt more than enough to safeguard myself)

and if anyone is unsure, since 2000 we have been inside a Deflationary Depression – the stock markets and credit markets actions confirm and prove this – I’ve also discovered that the use of Time Cycles can predict these events pretty accurately and their sub-divisions

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