WARNING – Remember

Just a rather large reminder that THIS WEEK 29th March 2014 – a credible Time Cycle falls

I have no idea if it will stop the market, make the market move or be ignored – all I know are the dates.

This TC is the last (from memory, I really should double check) major TC this year, there are others mid year but I consider them weak potentials which are shown on the Medium term predictions page on one of the charts.

I wish I could be more certain, specific and definite about the dates, but I can’t, there’s no credible 100% certain way to predict these things – sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.

All you have to be aware of is the potential for a top due to the dates, the first sign of trouble on the S&P500 is that Swing Low point I pointed out the other week being taken out, at which point I will be happy to share my views as that happens.

I only want subscribers to the blog to see this warning, so I won’t be tagging this post.

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