Weekly Time & Price – W/C 24th March 2014

This weeks Time and Price focuses on GOLD, it’s been a few weeks since we looked at this market, so let’s do just that.

Before we get stuck into GOLD, a quick review of our S&P500 call of the past week =

Refer back to past posts, but you should remember that I said on the WEEKLY chart to expect HIGHER prices OR potential that a HIGH/TOP is not yet formed with a date of March-August 2014 as the expected period of time for a high on the WEEKLY chart.

The DAILY chart is different, we were looking for a LOW – I think that LOW is either IN or very very close to being in, followed by HIGHER prices, dragging us into the WEEKLY chart expectations.  As I type so far so good with this assumption, remember the Fibonacci Time zone was for the 26th March 2014 I think for the date of the LOW, so if time is bowing to Fibonacci we’ll have a run down into a LOW around that date, if time is NOT bowing to Fibonacci ratios then the date is irrelevant and I’ve discussed the swing file zones in last weeks post.  There is still the chance of lower lows on the daily chart – it is not certain that the low is in – although there’s a high probability that it [the LOW] is in.

Right let’s now focus on the shiny yellow stuff that the Federal Reserve are obsessed with……..


Swing File Analysis:

Weekly Gold Price & Time

WEEKLY we’re projecting for a HIGH = In the Zone right now for BOTH price and time!

Daily Gold - Time & Price

DAILY – we’re looking for a LOW = Just in the PRICE zone but we’re in the ideal TIME zone

Fibonacci Analysis:

Weekly Gold Price & Time FIB

WEEKLY Fib Timing = already hit, will it stop the market?  It’s def had a short-term impact, whether it lasts we’ll have to wait and see.

Daily Gold - Time & Price FIB

DAILY = too early to tell as yet – it’s all about the upswing that [IF] it occurs – that will tell you the larger potential plan for Gold, it’s just way too early to tell at this stage.

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