Weekly Time & Price – W/C 17th March 2014

First a review of last week – Price and Time zones acted as expected!  I don’t post this crap for nothing you know.

Right just a look at the S&P500 this week (from now on I’ll rotate through S&P500/Gold & EURUSD so we have 3 weeks in between):

Right the SHORT-TERM high is in, we are now looking to see when the next short-term LOW should be due, you now have to remember the WEEKLY picture.  From a WEEKLY perspective we are STILL looking for a HIGH – this may or may not be in with last weeks price falls – at this point you cannot say that a WEEKLY HIGH is in for sure – remember the date of 4th April and my 29th March date – all that could be happening in the S&P500 is a minor short-term pullback and then bang upwards again into those key dates!

So what I am saying is we COULD see the DAILY chart form a LOW followed by a HIGH left for the S&P500 Index, seen as we have been in a BULL market that is our natural assumption, however, we also need to be aware that this could be the start of a major correction or a bear market – at this stage we just do not know for sure.

Swing Analysis –

Daily S&P500 Time & Price

Right the Swing File analysis shows us the typical PRICE and TIME zones for a corrective LOW, max date for a LOW is 24th March 2014, with the ideal zone being 9th March – 19th March 2014 = NOW!

Price is also in the ideal zone but you can see the extent of it’s potential.

Fibonacci Analysis –

Daily S&P500 Time & Price FIBThe typical Fibonacci TIME hit is 26th March 2014 for a LOW

I will be posting a new update to what to look for going forward posts as well some time this week – so that you can work out what to look for in price action in the coming weeks.

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