Weekly Time & Price – S&P500, Gold & EURUSD & Guest FTSE100 markets

Here’s this weeks Time and Price zones for:


Swing Analysis

Weekly S&P500 Time & PriceIn the Zone as we speak – could go higher as BOTH TIME and PRICE have the ability to extend further

Daily S&P500 Time & PriceA short-term daily HIGH should be on the cards

Fibonacci Time Analysis

Weekly S&P500 Time & Price FIBThis date also fits in well with my independent TIME CYCLE for 29th March 2014!  Might come to something, might not

Daily S&P500 Time & Price FIB


Swing Analysis

Weekly Gold Price & TimeAgain like the S&P500 both TIME & PRICE are in the zone

Daily Gold - Time & PriceI would expect a short-term high any day

Fibonacci Time Analysis

Weekly Gold Price & Time FIBNot clear on Fibonacci TIME – although in the zone for hit #1

Daily Gold - Time & Price FIBFibonacci not clear at all on the daily chart – too random for my liking


Swing Analysis

Weekly EURUSD - Time & PriceAgain in the zone, although could rally higher still to meet the perfect PRICE zone

Daily EURUSD - Time & PriceA short-term high should be expected

Fibonacci Time Analysis

Weekly EURUSD - Time & Price FIBWatch the dates to see what happens – everything is in place on numerous PRICE & TIME levels

Daily EURUSD - Time & Price FIBNot clear on the daily


Swing Analysis

Weekly FTSE100 Time & PriceMy preference is for more highs from the FTSE100 on the weekly chart – although the MINIMUM levels have been met for a potential high

Daily FTSE100 Time & PriceAgain Daily chart shows PRICE & TIME in the zone

Fibonacci Analysis

Weekly FTSE100 Time & Price FIBIn the zone for Fibonacci Time

Daily FTSE100 Time & Price FIBWatch Wednesday 12th March – could turn the market

This analysis is generic, it is not designed to be precise – people seen to love Fibonacci, there’s nothing special about it, it’s just a new way to look at the markets, sometimes it works other times it fails – just like most other things in the markets.

My preference is the Swing File analysis, it;s real-life data and logical common sense projections.

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