Today is a very Important day

It is the 5 year static anniversary from the March 6th 2009 LOW.

I’m willing to bet that most of you have not researched history and historic prices – 5 year+ Bull market rallies are the MAXIMUM extremes price reaches during Deflationary Depressions – there has NEVER, EVER been a 6 year bull market rally inside a Deflationary Depression.

Today marks the 5th Anniversary from the major low and key turning point in the market (S&P500) – the plain and simple message is if we are still within the Deflationary Depression that started in 2000, then you need to be wary for 2014 – I’m not saying that today is the top of the market (my personal preference is the 29th March 2014, but that’s not guaranteed to happen) but it could start falling apart today or soon.

Here’s a reminder and a chart to assist:

  • 6 year Bull markets never happen inside a Deflationary Depression
  • My thinking is that we are still inside a Deflationary Depression that started in March 2000
  • EVERY major move that has so far occurred within this Deflationary Depression has happened in either the months of March or October – we’re now into March 2014!
  • I don’t see the end of this Deflationary Depression until January 2017 – I’ve said this for years now and still stick by it.
  • The 5th year static anniversary is upon us right now (see the chart)
  • The Time cycle that hit in January 2014 – is ALWAYS present in the month or months preceding a major correction/fall – the markets current moves have NOT been sufficient enough to justify this type of correction, therefore I’d expect heavier falls at some point (see previous posts for evidence)

5 & 7 Yr static cycles

A correction of at least 25-50% should be in order, but again it’s best just to let it ride out and see what actually does happen.

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  1. I should have mentioned on the post itself – the 2007 HIGH also coincided with a major dynamic time cycle that arrived that very week – that is NOT the case this time round for this week, the major dynamic time cycle arrives on the 29th March, so there is a few weeks difference – it would not surprise me if price continued upwards throughout March.


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