Weekly TIME & PRICE – S&P500, Gold & EURUSD

I’ve had a bit more time this week, it’s only a couple of clicks of the mouse button to sort out the charts but putting it together in the blog takes the time.

Let’s take a look at the S&P500 first:

Weekly S&P500 Time & Price

In the Weekly chart above we can see Time and Price target zones

Daily S&P500 Time & Price

As we can see from the Daily chart above, Time and Price is already in the key zones – We’ll have to wait and see what it does from here.


Weekly Gold Price & Time

Again Gold is in the ideal Time and Price zones on the Weekly chart

Daily Gold - Time & Price

Again it’s getting a bit toppy on the daily chart.


Weekly EURUSD - Time & Price

The WEEKLY chart shows that we are there for TIME, but the price element has only just been entered – there could be a decent move in future weeks towards the ideal PRICE zone – keep watch

Daily EURUSD - Time & Price

We’re at the ideal Time and Price on a DAILY chart – thinking about the weekly chart, it would be ok for the daily price to retrace a little and then continue upwards to reach the ideal WEEKLY zones – it does not have to though.








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