Weekly Time & Price – W/C/ 31st March 2014

Quick review of last weeks GOLD analysis:

Last weeks post we were looking for LOW in Gold on the DAILY chart and a tempory HIGH on the WEEKLY chart – I’m gearing up for a LONG position as we speak, this means the short-term LOW should be about to complete or about to complete soon

Now we’ll take a look at the EURUSD forex pair:

Swing File Analysis

Weekly EURUSD - Time & Price

WEEKLY Swing file is looking for a LOW – Time and Price zones on the chart

Daily EURUSD - Time & Price

DAILY chart is also looking for a LOW – Time and Price zones on the chart

Fibonacci Analysis

Weekly EURUSD - Time & Price FIB

WEEKLY Fibonacci TIME analysis

Daily EURUSD - Time & Price FIB

DAILY Fibonacci TIME analysis detailed on chart above

In the order of disclosure I have to state that I DO have a LONG EURUSD order in the market close to current levels – It’s not triggered, but if it does I’m looking at the long side of the market – The timescale I’m trading will be short-term NOT long-term positions.


WARNING – Remember

Just a rather large reminder that THIS WEEK 29th March 2014 – a credible Time Cycle falls

I have no idea if it will stop the market, make the market move or be ignored – all I know are the dates.

This TC is the last (from memory, I really should double check) major TC this year, there are others mid year but I consider them weak potentials which are shown on the Medium term predictions page on one of the charts.

I wish I could be more certain, specific and definite about the dates, but I can’t, there’s no credible 100% certain way to predict these things – sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.

All you have to be aware of is the potential for a top due to the dates, the first sign of trouble on the S&P500 is that Swing Low point I pointed out the other week being taken out, at which point I will be happy to share my views as that happens.

I only want subscribers to the blog to see this warning, so I won’t be tagging this post.

Weekly Time & Price – W/C 24th March 2014

This weeks Time and Price focuses on GOLD, it’s been a few weeks since we looked at this market, so let’s do just that.

Before we get stuck into GOLD, a quick review of our S&P500 call of the past week =

Refer back to past posts, but you should remember that I said on the WEEKLY chart to expect HIGHER prices OR potential that a HIGH/TOP is not yet formed with a date of March-August 2014 as the expected period of time for a high on the WEEKLY chart.

The DAILY chart is different, we were looking for a LOW – I think that LOW is either IN or very very close to being in, followed by HIGHER prices, dragging us into the WEEKLY chart expectations.  As I type so far so good with this assumption, remember the Fibonacci Time zone was for the 26th March 2014 I think for the date of the LOW, so if time is bowing to Fibonacci we’ll have a run down into a LOW around that date, if time is NOT bowing to Fibonacci ratios then the date is irrelevant and I’ve discussed the swing file zones in last weeks post.  There is still the chance of lower lows on the daily chart – it is not certain that the low is in – although there’s a high probability that it [the LOW] is in.

Right let’s now focus on the shiny yellow stuff that the Federal Reserve are obsessed with……..


Swing File Analysis:

Weekly Gold Price & Time

WEEKLY we’re projecting for a HIGH = In the Zone right now for BOTH price and time!

Daily Gold - Time & Price

DAILY – we’re looking for a LOW = Just in the PRICE zone but we’re in the ideal TIME zone

Fibonacci Analysis:

Weekly Gold Price & Time FIB

WEEKLY Fib Timing = already hit, will it stop the market?  It’s def had a short-term impact, whether it lasts we’ll have to wait and see.

Daily Gold - Time & Price FIB

DAILY = too early to tell as yet – it’s all about the upswing that [IF] it occurs – that will tell you the larger potential plan for Gold, it’s just way too early to tell at this stage.


It’s not often that I do this – it’s a Saturday afternoon and I’ve interrupted my day to post this.

You have to read the March 2014 issue of Elliott Wave Theorist – it does mean BUYING it, you don’t obtain this type of information for free I’m afraid.  You will need to subscribe to the Elliott Wave Theorist to obtain March 2014 issue

You are highly unlikely EVER to read the content of the report in the mainstream media and it also helps to confirm/back-up what I’ve been saying about the Fed and USA Government.  If you’re an American then the implications are massive not only for your Investments but your lives, If you’re not an American citizen then it’s bound to have an impact on your Investments/Life to some degree – better to be prepared, than “suddenly out of the blue” find out

In fact this report/months EWT applies to EVERYBODY in the world, it is that important, all I can do is alert you (you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force it to drink) you’ve been alerted!

Here’s a link:


This can ALWAYS happen ANYTIME

The charts below tell the story exactly, I did get caught out by one of them, but only for my allowable risk so nothing bad, just a potential trade that did not work out, it will eventually.

Yesterday was the UK Governments Budget day and within the budget there was a nasty surprise for pension companies hence the charts:

There’s nothing you can do, for those buy and holders who were long they got hammered, and this is one of the risked I’ve previously talked about for buy and hold investors.

This is a classic example of why it is so very important to have set, rigid stops in place all the time.

I’m willing to bet someone has lost thousands by being caught out by that move yesterday and today they’ll be fretting, stressing and trying to find logical reasons for price to bounce back up – to which they’ll either be holding on in hope and praying for a rise or applying illogical reasoning to their charts as to all the reasons a bounce should happen – it’s obviously up to the market to make that decision, they might get lucky, they might get hammered even more – no one knows!

I bet some people where short too and had some great, although very lucky, profits.

Always use a stop-loss, yes they’re are pain when they trigger, but they are there for a reason, you placed it at a specific place based on your rules of the set-up – the real reason we don’t like stop losses when they are hit is because they prove and confirm that our thoughts/plans and trading decision on that market was simply WRONG and we don’t like being wrong do we! Welcome to trading, we’re we are wrong a lot of the time – you have to learn to live with it and accept it, it is hard though.






Saw this clip and found it very funny, feel free to share and share.

What to look for going forward – Part 4

Before I forget, I’m not sure if I already posted on this or it;s due to come out soon (I often write blog posts well in advance and schedule them for publication) but just look at a daily chart of the FTSE100 Index since the May 2013 Time cycle (I highlighted the key dates of May 20th-28th as crucial dates) –  that is the power of these Time Cycles.

Right then, details on the chart:

What to look for series

If you’ve been keeping up to date with my analysis you’ll know that at some point I’m expecting a MAJOR reversal or turning point – we are def in the latter stages of a bull market so don’t get too confident

Weekly Time & Price – W/C 17th March 2014

First a review of last week – Price and Time zones acted as expected!  I don’t post this crap for nothing you know.

Right just a look at the S&P500 this week (from now on I’ll rotate through S&P500/Gold & EURUSD so we have 3 weeks in between):

Right the SHORT-TERM high is in, we are now looking to see when the next short-term LOW should be due, you now have to remember the WEEKLY picture.  From a WEEKLY perspective we are STILL looking for a HIGH – this may or may not be in with last weeks price falls – at this point you cannot say that a WEEKLY HIGH is in for sure – remember the date of 4th April and my 29th March date – all that could be happening in the S&P500 is a minor short-term pullback and then bang upwards again into those key dates!

So what I am saying is we COULD see the DAILY chart form a LOW followed by a HIGH left for the S&P500 Index, seen as we have been in a BULL market that is our natural assumption, however, we also need to be aware that this could be the start of a major correction or a bear market – at this stage we just do not know for sure.

Swing Analysis –

Daily S&P500 Time & Price

Right the Swing File analysis shows us the typical PRICE and TIME zones for a corrective LOW, max date for a LOW is 24th March 2014, with the ideal zone being 9th March – 19th March 2014 = NOW!

Price is also in the ideal zone but you can see the extent of it’s potential.

Fibonacci Analysis –

Daily S&P500 Time & Price FIBThe typical Fibonacci TIME hit is 26th March 2014 for a LOW

I will be posting a new update to what to look for going forward posts as well some time this week – so that you can work out what to look for in price action in the coming weeks.

March-October 2014

Posts will be few and far between – it’s the start of the Cycling, Cricket and Motor Sport season and I won’t be plonked in front of a computer screen all day watching the markets.

Here’s one for any biker’s out there, James is a fellow Kendalian and I never grow tired of watching him race:


Weekly Time & Price – S&P500, Gold & EURUSD & Guest FTSE100 markets

Here’s this weeks Time and Price zones for:


Swing Analysis

Weekly S&P500 Time & PriceIn the Zone as we speak – could go higher as BOTH TIME and PRICE have the ability to extend further

Daily S&P500 Time & PriceA short-term daily HIGH should be on the cards

Fibonacci Time Analysis

Weekly S&P500 Time & Price FIBThis date also fits in well with my independent TIME CYCLE for 29th March 2014!  Might come to something, might not

Daily S&P500 Time & Price FIB


Swing Analysis

Weekly Gold Price & TimeAgain like the S&P500 both TIME & PRICE are in the zone

Daily Gold - Time & PriceI would expect a short-term high any day

Fibonacci Time Analysis

Weekly Gold Price & Time FIBNot clear on Fibonacci TIME – although in the zone for hit #1

Daily Gold - Time & Price FIBFibonacci not clear at all on the daily chart – too random for my liking


Swing Analysis

Weekly EURUSD - Time & PriceAgain in the zone, although could rally higher still to meet the perfect PRICE zone

Daily EURUSD - Time & PriceA short-term high should be expected

Fibonacci Time Analysis

Weekly EURUSD - Time & Price FIBWatch the dates to see what happens – everything is in place on numerous PRICE & TIME levels

Daily EURUSD - Time & Price FIBNot clear on the daily


Swing Analysis

Weekly FTSE100 Time & PriceMy preference is for more highs from the FTSE100 on the weekly chart – although the MINIMUM levels have been met for a potential high

Daily FTSE100 Time & PriceAgain Daily chart shows PRICE & TIME in the zone

Fibonacci Analysis

Weekly FTSE100 Time & Price FIBIn the zone for Fibonacci Time

Daily FTSE100 Time & Price FIBWatch Wednesday 12th March – could turn the market

This analysis is generic, it is not designed to be precise – people seen to love Fibonacci, there’s nothing special about it, it’s just a new way to look at the markets, sometimes it works other times it fails – just like most other things in the markets.

My preference is the Swing File analysis, it;s real-life data and logical common sense projections.