What to look for going forward

More than likely in the coming weeks – I’m not 100% certain though.

Remember we have the 5 year Time Cycle and my own Time Cycle with dates in March 2014 – we can’t ignore these, but we now have to watch the pattern of the markets, which is what this post is about.

Ref the March Time Cycles, they could be a High or a Low point, we will only truly know once price has been and gone.  If they work even!

The pattern I show you on the charts appears at major tops (and the reverse happens at major bottoms). A rough copy of this pattern occurred in 1929!  Hence the slight concern, but we’ll see what happens as price action moves onwards.

Feb 2014 Blog

Don’t take the price levels or time as gospel – all I’m showing you is a rough diagram of what to keep an eye out for and if one of the patterns forms you’ll be able to understand and act on it.

The main aspect is: possible distribution has occurred during the May 2013 Time Cycle, This could be the top, it might just be a correction – I will watch price and decide what to do as time unfolds, the odds are increasing that the short side is the favoured route, but we have to wait for confirmation.

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